Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Changes in Null Sec

So my corp, as well as two others have left our current alliance and joined up with what was our previous blue friends alliance. The reason was to be blue to their blues in an assault on a region of space that in the end we will have our own system as a corp with a station and the alliance will hold half of the entire region.

Now this is all well and good, but one of the major issues is logistics and where this region is located. It is one of the farthest systems that I have been to in the depths of  the Eve universe. Currently a much larger set of alliances are purging the russians systems that are in this region and in the end we supposedly get the region. What we have been tasked with is killing off stragglers as well as fleet warfare in the area.

Last night I went on a roam with about 7 other people in various ships. All that I had that was close (30 jumps including jump bridges) was a stealth bomber. Well we roamed the areas and saw virtually no one except for a few ratters who would safe up or pos up immediately. So the roam was quite a bit on the boring side. While down there I noticed that it is Angel rats that occupy the space and I am not all that excited about that considering I am mainly an Amarr pilot. Although I do have Caldari skills and will probably end up ratting in a Drake or Raven perhaps depending on how active things down there are. Which I don't expect it to be very active given the distance the region is from everywhere.

Right now I am up in the air on this move but I am determined to stick with my friends and corpmates and make due. Perhaps the money will be a lot better than the last couple of null sec systems and will lead to being able to field more Curses and Zealots as well as fund my year+ training schedule of gearing towards a carrier.  I would like to find a way to make decent isk that is fun and hopefully this turns some fruits of that labor as well as provides some pvp. The way it looks is that we will be making isk down in that area and will need to go out into the Russian's space for pvp roams. Which I am more than happy to do and I plan on doing a weekly roam again sometime shortly. Right now my Friday's are taken up and I cannot put one together then like I was before. I would really like to get my Anathema down in the area so that I could probe mission runners down.

I am also thinking about putting a Legion together for possible pvp ops but need to establish some steady isk flow for that to be feasible since I would need to possibly replace it. Right now I think I will be happy flying Vengeance and Maledictions for tacklers and Zealot / Curses for dps / fleet support. I have also added into my skill plan the Logistics skill and will be a Guardian pilot in ~12 days. This will all but round out where I want to be for flying sub-cap sub-battleship ships. I have a couple other ships in mind along with the carrier as well. That is the Widow, a Black Ops ship, due to the fact that it requires the same jump drive operation that I plan on having for the carrier anyway.

The second ship is the Golem. This is a great pve ship and would really help with missions or ratting in my opinion. It is really only 35 days for either ship at this point so I need to decide which way to go first. Either continue on the carrier path first, which would lead to the Widow along the way or to side track to the Golem in the interim to be able to fly it for pve.

Either way as I decide and go on more roams I will keep my blog up to date as much as possible.

Thanks again for reading.