Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy Sov Wars Batman

So just as my HAC and Recon skills are finishing their relative training our alliance has now formed a coalition with the alliance that we were friendly with previously. And we are using this coalition to invade the adjacent space that has some very lucrative systems and stations. So far we have attacked one system and started on some others. The first has been relatively easy to get to the 2'nd reinforcement and should be ours shortly. With the next systems being a fair amount harder as the owners seem to want to protect that space with mother ships.

So we have our work cut out for us. But in the meantime there is plenty of pew pew to be had in our roams. I have even gotten to take a Zealot out and enjoy this beast of a ship for the first time. I was on top with damage and was a kill mail whore for the first time in my carrier on our gate camp. That was until we landed on a gate and our scout let us know a counter fleet was up and had landed on the other side of the gate. Well it was a Drake / BC fleet slightly larger than our own fleet which consisted of 3 heavy assaults (one of course was me), multiple BC's and 3 battleships. So we waited for them to come in and that they did. Unfortunately they had logistics with them. Well we engaged and started attacking their logistics. One went down and that is when they started to lock me up. Now the fleet commander had order the HAC's to wait until they were attacked and then jump into the next system. Well since I had an aggression timer I decided to warp away to another gate. And this is where I made my mistake by coming back right away. As I landed and reaggressed the primary target the previous logistics pilot came back in another ship and it all went downhill from there.

The FC called for us to split and I was pointed up at that time, so in the same day I got my first kills and lost my first Zealot.

 I have to say that I really enjoy this ship and look forward to flying it more often. While this ship has me excited I am so very glad to say that the Recon skill is about to finish up level IV. With this ship I look forward to some fun neuting times of logistics and other ships. I have been looking forward to this ship for quite some time. However once I have the support skills for this and the Zealot trained up I am going to start my long training towards the carrier once again. I even found a kind of recommended training path for a carrier that I may take.

See it here.

Anyway more pew pew to write about next time. Thanks for reading.

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