Monday, March 14, 2011

To Hac, To Hic or To Con - That Is The Question

So now that I am less than one day away from having Amarr Cruiser V, I need to decide which type of advanced cruiser I plan to fly. I really like the Curse (Combat Recon ship) as a ship and I feel I have the most support skills to fly it already. But the Zealot (Heavy assault ship) packs a heck of a punch and seems to be a pretty popular ship out in null sec space. It has the advantage of becoming a sniper and joining those types of fleets. Finally a very well tanked and useful ship is that of the Devoter (Heavy Interdictor).

All three I can see getting great use out of. With the Curse more than likely being the one I would solo in the most. Which is something I really want to get into more often once I have more disposable income than I do currently.

As of now I have been joining and leading small fleets of people from my alliance. We have been having good nights where we will kill off a couple of battleships to nights where a giant blob lands on my fellow fleet members as we try to meet up like the other night. I am still running my dedicated roams on Friday nights and it has been picking up more and more members. With 20+ joining in the last one that I ran. Unfortunately on that night we had some bad luck and roamed for hours not finding anything. We even entered a system that is well known for having large engagements and we ended up camping the high sec gate in the system with no resistance for a good period of time, until we grew too tired to continue to wait for something to be put together and called it a night. So I was not able to get a chance to use the Basilisk that I was flying on my alt that night in combat, which really stank. But what can one do. Hopefully this weeks Frigate roam boasts similar numbers and has better success at finding victims of the swarm.

In the meantime I am still working on those videos and should have something to show soon. Once I have some free time from playing and normal real life things that are going on.

Thanks for reading.

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