Friday, March 4, 2011

Change In Plans & Some Roam Upgrading

So I have recently decided to change up my learning plan a little bit. As I realized that I would need another 6-8 months before I could afford / properly fly a carrier I decided to change to my alternate plan. This is to train for the Curse and Zealot. What I have planned are to learn the ships and all supporting skills for these to max so that I am as effective as I can be with them. This way I have some decent ships to field for the fleets that are more common currently. As I do not for see being in capital battles for quite some time with where our alliance is currently. It is growing but not so rapidly that this would be a concern to be a cap pilot asap. So once I am done with my alternate plan I will get back on the carrier track. At this time I am 20 days out from being able to fly a carrier but would have no supporting skills to fit a tank or be able to use fighters. So within 3 months I should be back on that learning track.

Now onto some other news. I have two special events that I am leading this week. First I have decided to upgrade our Friday night roam to battlecruisers and will be bringing along logistics. Now since we have some Basilisk pilots we decided to go with two Basi's, one of which my alt will be piloting. So tonight should be fun and I don't suspect a smartbomb Golem will make it away from us tonight. I hope to find some decent sized engagements as well as pick off some stragglers along the way. With any luck I won't get us all killed in the bigger fleet this time around, only time will tell.

The second event that I am hosting this weekend is a T1 frigate tournament. I have sent out to the alliance a call for people to join with T1/T2 fit only T1 frigates and 10 of us have signed up. So it should be a fun little event. I am looking forward to fielding my T2 fit Punisher as I feel I have a good shot at winning or placing at least. Ohh and did I mention that I talked my corp into sponsoring this event with a Dramiel as the first prize. And some iskies for the second, third and fourth. I would really like to get my hands on that ship as I think it would be a fun one to have.

Either way I will take some video of the fights and make up a post with it for next time.

Thanks for reading.

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