Friday, February 25, 2011

Frig Roam and Golems - Ohh My!

Ok I have made this Friday night roam a regular thing now. I scheduled another frigate roam for last Friday and today. Well the one last week had a very interesting twist to it about halfway through. To begin with we found out that the area we planned to start the roam in was camped by a large fleet. So I decided to take us the back way into the same area that we had roamed before. I know lame but what can you do. Anyway we went a different route this time and did not move down into the next region over like we had done previously this time. I decided to take us all the way around the current region of Providence instead. Well the roam started off rather quiet until we got into a far corner of the region, at which point we started to find some targets for our little swarm of T2 frigates.

We were once again roaming in T2 Assault ships and Interceptors. We finally found some prey in a Drake that had warped to a gate and aggressed our scout. We all quickly jumped in and began to take him down. Just then another Drake warps in and aggresses us as well. The first Drake went down and I missed a pod kill on him by short margin, I accidentally clicked on the new Drake instead of the pod and fired off a few shots. Anyway we managed to get the other Drake down and kill his pod as well. On to roaming we went with a couple of near misses but no real activity.

It wasn't until we got in a small cluster of systems that we started to see a lot more activity. At which point we were hold up on a gate in a bubble waiting for our scouts to find something to attack. Nothing was available and we started to make our way back out of the cluster. Just then on one of the outbound gates a Basilisk and a Golem landed on the gate and jumped into us. Well what luck! We immediately got the Golem jammed and scrammed and we killed the Basilisk down very quickly, I am proud to say I was top damage dealer on that kill. We all then began to converge on the Golem, with mouths watering as this was an expensive ship and would be a hell of a kill ..... mail. Just as I get in nice and close the Golem pilot begins firing off smartbombs. We were all like "WTF SMARTBOMBS!!!!" and found that they started doing damage to all of the ships around him as well as killing off some of our drones from the Iskurs we had with us. Well just then an Abaddon jumped into us.

In hind site I should have switched all dps onto the Abaddon and taken him down, but well instead I ordered a quick warp off to another gate and then we warped around to safes for a bit. We all died a little inside when the Golem lit its deadly explosions about it as the drool was really starting to reach the floor every second. Ohh well, I did some reading up on the smartbombs and know how to deal with them next time around. It is my opinion that had we changed to a 8-10km orbit range on the Golem that most of the Assault ships could have taken him down, especially if he kept the bombs running as they would have taken cap away from his tank.

With that done we went on ahead and kept roaming. The rest of the roam was uneventful until we landed near where I had wanted to start the evening off with. Once there we found that the gate was well guarded on the other side and we high-tailed it back to our Sov system. We then went on back to high sec and called the roam for the night.

But not without one last gank, in which there was a retriever sitting on the gate in high sec leading into low sec, this was the same ship that had been there when we left for the roam hours ago. So we three of us fit up some destroyers and we proceeded to gank him since Hulkageddon was in full bloom. I managed to get final blow on that kill so was a decent night for me. I will say that I was happy with the nights roam as we lost no ships and almost had a hell of a kill.

I can only hope tonight goes as well. Next post I will let you know how it goes as well as give you an update on another event that I have put together for next week.

Thanks for reading.

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