Monday, February 7, 2011

Null Sec Frig Roam

So as I said I was going to lead a frigate roam into null sec this past weekend. Well we ended up having a good turn out and a lot of fun. Most people showed up in assault frigates (Wolf's, Ishkurs, Retributions, Hawk, etc...) and we had a few interceptors as well as a few ewar frigs, such as myself in a Sentinel.

Now let me tell you this is a very fun ship to fly. So I foresee myself flying this again in the future. For instance as we started the roam I took us through null slowly and I explained ahead of time that we planned to pick our battles carefully. Take on what we can and burn away from those that we shouldn't be fighting against. We soon had our first kill which was an Arazu which thought he could take our ceptor scout by himself, he learned quickly that we had lots of backup for that ceptor. Well we managed to get down near what seemed to be a solo ratters hub. Because we started to find single battle cruisers, such as a couple of Drakes and Myrmidons. Well we managed to use our ewar ECM and my capacitor neuting abilities assisted in taking the Drakes down very quickly. It really was amazing how fast we took these ships down just having numbers and the heavy hitting assault frigates. We even managed to get a couple of the pods for the initial Arazu and Drakes.

Now about an hour and a half into the roam we ran upon a Myrmidon. This ship was jumping away from us but our ceptor caught up to him as well as the rest of us. Well when we jumped in and aggressed he had a hurricane buddy with him. Well our flycatcher put up a bubble and one hell of a fun fight ensued. We primaried the Myrm and took him out. The hurricane happened to have been AC fit and I seemed to be in it's optimal range. Now in hind sight I realize that I made a huge blunder here being in the ship I was in. What I should have done during this engagement was to use my tracking disruptor bonus to its full effect on the hurricane and added an optimal range script to really gimp the cane. This would have probably saved 2-3 of our ships from going down. But we still managed to kill both the Myrm and the Hurricane and get both of their pods, while only losing a Flycatcher, Sentinel, Griffin and Slicer. It was a good fight and we didn't lose any pods.

Shortly afterwards we went back to high sec and reshipped / took a break. We then went back out again and continued on past where we had the fights earlier. Where I had us roaming brought us close to the alliances Sov space. Well we continued past this and ended up near a major camp hub. At that point we landed on a Drake that jumped into another system and we followed. Well we continued to try to find him luckily. I say luckily because just as we warped away a Dramiel and Cynabal landed on the gate. And shortly after that a very large fleet that consisted of battlecruisers and battleships showed up in system. We obviously did not want to tango with them so we held in a couple of safes and waited them out, looking for probes the whole time. Nothing showed up and they eventually left. Well I decided to take us back the way we came and it was rather uneventful until we got near the hub that we originally killed the Myrm and Cane at.

Our scout found a Raven on the gate which jumped into the next system. Well we immediately decided this was something we wanted to kill. I had him jump in and aggress as we all landed on the other side of the gate, at which time a Sabre also landed on that side of the gate. Well again in hindsight I should have had my scout come back to gate or burn off while we killed the Sabre. But instead I called for us to jump in at which point many more ships landed on that side of the gate and the Sabre jumped through. Well they managed to take down our scout and I called for a burn off and disperse quickly realizing the trap was sprung. I was flying a Retribution this time and managed to get out with ~10% armor left. Luckily I burnt off to get out of scram range and took all of the opposing forces drones with me so the rest of the group was able to get out of the bubble and gather up at a planet.

We decided to run for it and started to burn back towards high sec. Along the way our scouts pod was caught by another Sabre's bubble on a gate and we attempted to find him to no avail. At this point I figured we should count the roam successful since it was getting late and I called the roam. All in all it was a fun time and we had some good kills. On this particular roam we also brought a neutral corp that is thinking of joining our alliance. They seemed to have a good time and I hope that this helps them make the decision to join our alliance.

I do plan to run this same roam in the future as well and to also mix it up with T1 Cruiser / BC runs. Which I think I may be putting together for this coming Friday. I am still ironing out the details but I think I may have some more fun pvp to post the next time.

In the meantime I have been doing a lot of missioning in high sec as a corp where 2-3 of us run level 4 missions and we burn through them quickly while someone salvages behind us. The idea is to make enough isk to be able to keep doing roams such as this weekend, to help defend the Sov space and to also pay for my accounts. Only time will tell. In the meantime I do already have two frigates ready to go, a Crusader and a Retribution for next frig roam.

Thanks again for reading.

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