Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Next Null Roam

So this week I will be doing some carebearing in high sec with my corp mates to make some iskies to fund the upcoming weekend roam that I will again FC. This time I plan to take out a fleet of T1/T2 cruiser size hulls for some null sec roaming fun. Myself and one of my cohorts in corp will also be using the T1 logistics remote repair ship the Exequror. This run is a low cost to pilots run while also hoping to have some clout in small engagements.

I forsee dying gloriously in the logistics as it does not have even close to the tank of a Guardian but what can one do. This will have to do for now. So far I have planned to run out of the same staging area and go down the pipe we went with the frigate roam. I feel we will get more attendance with them knowing what they are in for and hopefully will have a bigger fleet than last time. If so I fully expect to have yet another successful run where we kill more isk off than we lose. Having logistics along, gimped T1 or not, will definitely help extend the the fights some and should prove to have some good engagements.

On another subject I have to say that my most recent purchase of an Armegeddon Navy Issue to run level 4's instead of what I used previously which was the Abbadon is outstanding and hella fun. While I love the Abaddon this new ship, while being twice the price, has a great look and puts out a ton of damage. The fact I can use sentries with it really makes it easy to take down battleships and cruiser/battlecruiser size ships. I do however plan to eventually trade it in for a Nightmare. As it is a ship I have long wanted to get into for missioning, so hopefully I will have enough extra isk to get into one even though I am going to be putting out a lot of money just for the carrier and capital ship skills. Which by the way i am 30 days away from being able to fly a Carrier. Then it will be another 30-50'ish days to get fighters and supporting skills up so that I can use the capital modules. All in all it will be another 100+ days before I can fully use a carrier and be called a capital pilot.

Thanks for reading.

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