Friday, February 4, 2011

Good Old Fashioned Fleet In Null Sec

Ok so I have neglected my blog a bit recently as I have not been able to get online all that much with some travelling I have been doing for work. So I finally got a little time to come up with some content. So here we go.

About two weeks ago I was able to get into my first Alliance - Alliance based pvp fleet. It was led by the larger alliances FC's and he did a very good job. First off the fleet was mainly Faction cruisers, BC's and logistics. So I grabbed one of my pvp Drakes and jumped into fleet. The fleet grew to more than 30 pilots, so I was quite excited to be in a larger fleet again as it had been a while. Well we began to roam around the Curse region to see if our enemies discovered that we had a fleet up and would bring something out. Well that only resulted in us getting 1 or 2 random neutral kills along the way. Of which I could not even get on the kill board with my slow locking times in the Drake.

The FC (fleet commander) knew of a place where a lot of people congregated that were red to us. So we head down a long pipe into some new territory for me. Well basically everywhere we went was new since I had not lived down there for that long. So we get next to our destination and the FC calls for us to kill off a pilgrim that happen to be landing in our bubble on the gate. At that time our eyes on the other side of the gate quickly let us know that a fleet was landing on the other side of the gate. Soon they started to jump into the system we were in and the fight began. Our logistics were doing quite well in keeping peoples ships from going poof. Just as we got a couple of kills and lost one or two ourselves another fleet jumped into the system with battleships and battle cruisers. Well I was currently being primaried by the original fleet which switched off long enough for me to warp away, as did the rest of our fleet. Well the FC decided that we came out for a fight and that the other two fleets were fighting one another, that we might as well join in on the fun.

So back in we warped. Man what a rush to land on 60+ ships. Overall there must have been 80 ships on field including our 30+. We quickly were able to take down a couple of ships. Including a Rohk, Maelstrom, Hurricanes and Drakes. And then I was called primary again. Well this time our logistics were spread out all over the fleet so with me already being half into armor I quickly went down. Luckily I was able to get my pod out and started to burn for home.

Now one thing that I took away from this was that assault missiles and launchers do not work out so well when you are the only close ranged ship lol. Next time around I plan on having heavy missiles so that I can have some range on people. But hey, that was still a fun run. I hope we do some more soon like that.

Quickly I will give you some heads up on what I will be writing about next time. Currently I have given a call out to our alliance and a corp that might join our alliance to lead a frig roam. Hopefully I can gather together a good size fleet to do some swarming on people. I plan to take out a Sentinel for the first time as it looks like a really fun ship to use. So I will post how this goes down as well as what all else I have been up to in game.

Thanks for reading

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