Friday, January 14, 2011

Quiet In Null Sec

Well I have been logging in lately and been able to do a couple different things once all my stuff was moved over to our new home system. About that move, I think this was a great idea as we now have a ton of blues around at all times. I am also excited in having a possible opportunity to be able to get in on some of the larger engagements as the alliance that we have made friends with and live with have some fairly good size enemies as well as capital fleets.

We recently blued another large alliance as well and have been able to join their intel channel. This is exciting for me as it will give us a chance to join their fleets and get in on some combat ops. Which would be cool because I have been doing nothing but ratting (killing ships in asteroid belts) and started doing some Archangel level 1's. I have been able to just burn through these luckily with my assault frigate that I brought down, the Retribution. This is a very fun ship and it is enjoyable to be able to 1 shot the frigs in the missions. I think I may look into doing the Angel Epic arc at some point as I heard you get decent rewards and shouldn't be too difficult to do with the AF. So I will look into doing that at some point. The only downfall of missioning down in null is that it pits you against the empire factions and you can lose quite a bit of standing. Which currently my standings with Gallente and Minmatar is already in the shitter due to being part of faction warfare. But I don't necessarily care so much about those as I do my Amarr and Caldari standing. Either way I will continue to mission to get to level 4's so that I can make some better money than I currently am.

Now I have been 'OK' with running stuff on my own, but I really enjoy playing and fleeting up with my corp mates. I brought this up in conversation last night and with much hope we will start doing some more corp related stuff. Maybe some roams or doing missions together once some of us can do level 4's.

Speaking of roams I recently have been thinking about learning the electronic attack ship skill on my main toon and begin to put together a Sentinel for solo work. I have done some reading and the fact it has such a large drone bay and can drain another frigates cap dry so easily makes it very dangerous. It also sounds like a lot of fun to fly as it seems to take some learning and getting used to in order to be good with it. Either way as I do more solo stuff I will keep the blog updated.

Thanks for reading.

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