Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Next Null Move

Well since I last posted I have had a chance to do some ratting down in our new null sec home. So far I have found it to be a far less lucrative endeavor comparative to the wormhole income we were seeing before. We managed to do a complex with an Ishtar tanking while I was in a Basilisk and a Dominix doing the the dps. It took us a little over an hour and a half to complete and I think I only made 18-20mil isk. Way less than we would have made in a C3 for that matter doing it with the same setup.

We also seem to have a bunch of new enemies in the system we were trying to call home. So far we have one major alliance that has decided to continue to assault us in the surrounding systems as well ratt in the same systems we planned to ratt in. If you can recall we also had a fair number of neutrals in system that were friends with our old alliance mates. Well it turns out that our older alliance mates were booted from their corporation for losing a couple of carriers. They have since then joined the corp that has been giving us some grief. Well looks like we have a temporary cease fire and will only fire at them if they fire at us first. So we will see what comes of this.

Here is a small blurb of what our diplomatic director sent to the alliance lol:

So Im setting their corp to "ORANGE" standing. Think of this as a highly abusive relationship between a divorced couple who have still have feelings for each other. Sounds weird I know. But if it makes u feel any better, fear isnt looking to shoot us (unless he's ordered to)....This is a grey line we're walking here, so be careful guys, if going ratting, try to have scout alts or do it in a fleet. 

 It is a very interesting situation given our old friends being part of the corp but it does give us one less corp to defend ourselves against so I should say this is a good thing.

Now because we have had these hostiles growing in exponential numbers down where we were basing out of our directors managed to speak to the larger alliance that we have full blue status with. They own a part of space and protect it quite well and have offered for us to move into this space while we grow our corp and alliance. Now I have posed the question of why we are not just joining this larger alliance instead of trying to build our own and I am sure there are good reasons why they want to build up our own alliance. I know I am kinda excited to possibly have the chance to do some larger scale fights. It will also be nice to be in some space that is a little safer than where we are now as I need to get back to making some iskies. The more I can make the more ships I can get blown up in pvp combat.

Speaking of one of our pilots was doing  a couple of missions and happen to begin to get camped. I came online just in time to be able to get into fleet with my stealth bomber. We took a hand full of cloaky ships over to see about putting presence in the system so that we could get him out. Well he was able to undock and decided to try to finish the mission. It was not long after that a Dramiel and Cynabal undocked and warped to his mission. Well he managed to get out and we decided to force him to leave system. At which point we saw a local spike in their alliance so we all decided to scoot back to our home system as stealthily as possible.

I later was out and about in my two pvp Drakes sitting on the other side of the out going gate from our home system when a Proator jumped in. Well I was able to get him locked and started to fire / scram and web him as he made his way back to the gate. Unluckily for me I did not have enough dps to really do that much damage to him and he got away. Ohh well maybe next time I will sit with a couple of assault ships or maybe some HAC's once I have them trained up.

Thanks for reading.

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