Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Null Combat - Carrier Sweet Carrier

So I have a couple of things to write about after this weekend but thought I would start with this. I get logged into my main, who was still in the wormhole with about 13 ships to move yet until yesterday. So anyway I log on and find that there is an easy way to get my alt down to our home in Curse. This was to pod myself after moving my clone down to the appropriate location in Curse. So I put my Drake in the staging area for it to be carrier jumped down while I podded my alt into our new home in null sec.

Not more than 30 minutes after getting down there was my Drake available. Now this Drake just happened to be my ratting Drake so I was not really prepared for what came next. Shortly after jumping in the ship I heard on comms and in our public channel that there was a neutral Brutix aggressing on the gate in our home system. So I quickly undocked and flew to the gate only to miss him warp away. Someone obviously didn't get a warp disruptor point on him and he got away. Well he happened to land on a station where one of my corpmates was sitting with a Cynabal. He quickly got point and they began to exchange fire.

I warped in and we began to dismantle the ship. He went down and we just missed getting his pod as well. Soon there came another ship into system, this time an Anathema which slipped past one of our guys on the gate with ease. I then warped back to gate as we assumed there would be more coming to the Brutix's aid, at which point a Falcon jumped in. Well I locked him up, target painted him and put up one volley to put him into armor, obviously no tank on the ship. He managed to warp away for one reason, the other ship on gate did not want to aggress as we both assumed he would burn to gate and jump through. So we missed him because I did not have a point. However during the Brutix encounter one of our pilots lost his Stiletto on the gate in which I quickly looted his stuff for him which included a warp disruptor II.

Well I immediately put this on with his go ahead and came back to gate. Just in time for the Brutix pilot to land on the other side with a Scorpion. Well he was met with one of our pilots who started attacking him and the Scorp jumped through the gate into us. Well it looked like he would try to play gate games as he started to burn back. We were putting some hurt on him as he was already going into armor and would be in structure shortly. I managed to get a bump on him with my Drake which gave us a little time, but not before he lit a cyno!!! In jumped a Nidhoggur carrier and it immediately aggressed us. Well we got point on it and began trying to kill off its fighters when it decided to sick the little bastards on me. I tried deaggressing and burning back to gate but it was too late and I went down as he had me warp scrambled.

Well he was then able to warp around and what does he do but land directly on top of my cloaked corpmate that lost his Stiletto earlier, only to lose a hound this time. Bad day right? Well we then contacted our alliance mates who had some carriers on standby. The plan was to get him to aggress on station so that he could not dock up and then bring in the caps. Well our Stiletto mate grabbed a cyno ship with another person in fleet having one as well. I was in my capsule in station listening to the rest as I had no other ships down there available to me.

They got the carrier to aggress and called for the cyno, well the bad day turned worse when the Stiletto mate failed to have enough fuel to light the cyno. Luckily the other pilot did light it and in jumped a couple of carriers as well as one of our pilots undocked his carrier. Here is where they failed once again to get a point on the Nid and he was able to warp away to the station I was located in. With people trying to get a bump on him to keep him from docking this is where it was time for me to just call it a night as it was very late at that point and it looked like he would be able to dock up. So long story short we did not get the carrier kill and hopefully the alliance has a good lesson in getting a point to warp scramble the prey.

I in the meantime was able to refit out a Drake and have been able to do some ratting as well as have this Drake ready to go for pvp. In the next post I will talk about our last wormhole pvp that I got to participate in as well as how OP a Dramiel is. Till next time, so long.

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