Friday, December 31, 2010

Rage Quit FTW

Ok, so it seems not everyone is cool with the Null sec move and when a carebear gets angry they get REALLY angry and quit the corp. I would like to share a long winded set of tears that one of our, now ex, corp members decided to send to the entire corp instead of just the person they were angry with. I honestly felt bad for the guy until this mail and think this is quite humorous. I hope you enjoy it as well. For what it is worth this earned a 50mil bounty on his head with an additional 25m for a hulk kill.


It is with the utmost regret that I must tender my resignation from our Corp, as it has been made very clear to me that I am no longer welcome. You see I am not into a combat role in this game. At least not PVP combat. I very much enjoy the PVE stuff, but I am just not equipped for the PVP. I lack the needed hand eye coordination to react quickly enough, so I am instantly at a disadvantage in any PVP situation. Add to that, I am a new player, and lack the skills in game to run the equipment needed to be successful in a 1 on 1 fight. For these reasons, and several others I have mentioned over the past few weeks, I was just not interested in following the Corp into cursed space. All that being said, I have no desire to leave the Corp. I have been actively searching for another course that would allow me and one or two other members, to continue in ****, without needing to follow the rest of the Corp on their current adventure. Please allow me to be clear... I have no issue with the decision to move the Corp. I understand completely the desire of the more experienced players to look for more challenging areas of the game to explore. But I literally just got into the Wormhole, and I am just now getting used to the rules of this place, I simply don't feel I am ready to move into the more advanced areas of the game. In trying to explore other options for myself and others (who by the way we're much more vocal in their objections to this move, until only very recently) I seem to have pissed off the leadership of the corporation... Initially I wanted to find a C3 we could open up, and setup a temporary POS, but it was made clear to me, I would need more support than I had to make that a successful venture. So after giving it some thought, I came up with the idea to keep one of the C6 POS's open. I proposed the idea to Ace, via a private email, so as not to create open acrimony or disrespect Ace's right to make that decision on his own. I simply asked that the equipment still in the Player's POS be left online, and that I would volunteer to keep it up and running, paying for all the fuel myself, so as not to create more work for Ace, Larsol, and Jobewon, who were already consumed with the move. I asked for no help from anyone. I would have done all the work in this regard myself. I received the following reply:

"as it stands the c6 is being put into hibernation. when everyones shit is out, and the 2nd pos is torn down, we can discuss people staying, until then everybody needs to relocate their assets to empire. once our move is complete i will assess the situation in the c6 and make a decision. the 2nd pos is coming down within 48 hrs. a notice will be sent to corp regarding this. this topic is not up for further discussion atm, we have different priorities now, and diplomatic relations to work on. we possibly will have blue standing with one of the larger alliances in curse, meaning less enemies overall. phoenix will be coming back into the c6 to start dealing with the shut down procedures. i might be willing to let people stay but at this point in time theres no reason for people to be in there, its making things too complicated."

I accepted this answer, and sent Ace the following reply:

"Hey man, I'm not arguing, or trying to be a pain, but a Grav site and a Ladar have just popped up. It would be 48 hours before I have to be out after waiting 2 weeks for something... May I please have the time to clear these sites? I will move the ore, and everything man, I just need time please."

To which I received:

"i dont care what you do, but the pos is coming down as soon as i get a chance, so ensure you stuff is out, or it will be floating in space."

To which I replied:

"Dude, seriously?? You won't even give me a couple more days? It costs you nothing!"

And finally I received this reply:

"ok, seriously, i just said you have 48 hrs to move your shit. no more than that. i dont give a fuck what you have to do. running the pos costs money, and every minute i waste moving shit and doing transportation logisitcs costs my fucking wallet. i would rather be ratting and killing shit but i have to take care of corp shit, which you are getting in my of doing. i understand you have a need to mine rocks and shit, but im not stopping the bus just for you to do your carebear shit. i dont know how much more blunt i have to be with you. get your shit moved out of the wormhole."

Please allow me to be clear, at no time did I ask him to "stop the bus". I offered to cover any additional costs that may be involved in keeping the equipment running, and to do all of the remaining labor myself, with regard to shutting down. In fact I have repeatedly offered my assistance in whatever capacity I could be useful! I may be a "carebear", and I am sorry if this offends you, but that is the style of game I like to play. And that I will not apologize for. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to be the kind of person who floats around screwing up other people’s day, for no other reason than to satisfy my male ego! I was told I was free to make my own decision with regard to the move, but I guess that isn't the case; As demonstrated, by the responses to my attempt to find a solution that worked for everyone. Apparently the leadership (Specifically Ace) don't really mean it when they say you are free to do what you want... apparently you are only free to do what you want to do, if what you want to do is what Ace says we are doing.

Please don't misunderstand me here... I have enjoyed playing the game with all of you (including Ace), and I will sincerely miss being able to do so, but after the disrespect I got last night, it would be impossible for me to continue. As requested I have moved all of my ships and equipment out of the C6, and I will never bother any of you again, but before I go, please allow me to extend my most sincere gratitude to everyone who has helped me get started in this game. You are all great people, and I wish you all the best in the game and in life.

On a private note to Ace; Seek help man! Your responses to my requests reveal serious flaws in your character sir. I recognize them, because I also suffer from similar flaws, however, I have gotten help, and I am working hard to be a better person! I may be a weak Carebear, but you have a mile wide mean streak in you sir, and a fundamental disrespect for people who are different. In short, you're a douche. I can always learn the other aspects of the game, but without serious help, you will always be a douche!

Good luck to all of you!

PS. I am sure some of this will earn me the ire of one or two people in the Corp, and that will likely have consequences for me moving forward in the game. Simply know that every time, you hunt me down, and destroy my shit, you are just proving my point. 

Please feel free to further prove my point, and post this for everyone to laugh at the carebear tears!


Richard Brammer.


  1. Interesting read, man. It intrigues me how some people can be put off by pvp. There really isn't anything to fear.


  2. Yeah I am not sure what the big deal is. I have lost plenty of ships and still go back for more. The simple fact that he got so upset over not being able to burn rocks in the WH is just silly. There are plenty of rocks in null and hisec that he would be able to mine.

  3. The "big deal" is that everyone is free to play the game the way they want. EVE is a diverse game supporting many forms of play. Considering this, it amazes me how many people seem to think that their way to play EVE is the only respectable way. How would someone who pvp's feel if other people tried to force him to mine all day?

    I do think this guy overreacted a bit and wasted his time posting such a long, well-thought-out email to a group of people who could obviously care less. His time would have been better served finding a corp that is more in-line with his interests.

    That said, I think you did the guy a favor posting this. The "carebear" who "rage quit" looks very even-tempered and reasonable. Whereas, the response he got from the corp leadership reads as immature and mean-spirited. After reading this, I would have no desire to join this corp. A CEO or director who has such obvious lack of respect for people with other play styles is not someone I would waste my time with.

  4. Well you have a valid point. I would have to agree that both parties seem to have acted immaturely in the grand scheme of things. Also don't get it wrong that the CEO was forcing him to PVP or even move out to Null with us. In fact that has always been an option for any of the corp members. The only thing here was that the PoS was costing a lot of extra money to maintain and the move I am sure is putting a lot of stress on the people doing the move. Seeing both sides I can understand why the decision was made to shut the PoS down and that it was a final decision. The "rager" was upset that an exception was not being made for him from my perspective and it was just simple conveyed incorrectly and not as diplomatically as it may as well should have been.