Thursday, December 16, 2010

If It Smells Like Bait, It Probably Is

So I come online the other night to my corp mates talking about a large amount of fail that they recently ran into. And by fail I mean they ended up getting all of their ships blown up including a couple of podded pilots (mostly the new pilots of the corp).

Basically from what I understand our cave had some active players and they put a T3 ship off the high sec wormhole. Well my corp mates decided to attack this with 2 T3 Loki's, a Stabber, a triple rep Myrm, and a Curse to start. All started off well as they found that there was another T3 ship there cloaked as well and they began to down that ship. What was not known was that a ton of other ships were in waiting to pounce. An Apoc, a Hyperion, a Harbi, 2 Drakes and smaller ships. Well my corp mates were able to take down the two tech 3 ships by bringing in alts in PVE ships. So we had a Rokh, Tengu and a Raven land.

This only helped add to the over all loss that the corp obtained. Pretty much all of the ships with the exception of the Tengu were destroyed.  We even had one of our new pilots make a newbie mistake with another Maelstrom pve ship.

We found that they brought a prober ship into our wormhole while we were running a C6 site. In which we had close to 12 battleships and a carrier with us. Well we quickly stopped all site attacking and kept one rat ECM'd so that it could not attack our salvagers while they cleaned up the site. We then quickly warped all battleships to the cave wormhole to show our presence. Well the prober immediately jumped out of our hole. While we were sitting there we noticed the WH was in a critical state and decided we would close the wormhole. Before we could grab a smaller ship to close the hole one of our newer pilots jumped through with their Maelstrom and the hole closed behind them. Well on the other side was the fleet from before and suffice it to say the pilot was then locked up and a convo ensued. Well it was not to to demand money it was the Proteus pilot from before stating that revenge was sweet as this pilot had gotten his death mail. They proceeded to kill down the battleship and pod the poor pilot.

Moral of the story is to sniff a little harder to determine if it is indeed bait. And to always listen on comms for instructions on what is being planned so that you do not make a fatal mistake.

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