Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bombs Away

So  I get online last night and begin the normal chatter of finding out if we have a route or not, etc. Well we did have a high sec route through the cave and judging from our kill boards the cave was active earlier because our alliance buddies had killed a couple of ships.

The intel from a corp mate was that there were a couple of active members of the corp living in the C2 online and about. We decided I would grab a Drake to go run a site and see if I could bait them into a fight for some fun. Well once I jumped into the cave I found a surprise on scan in that there were a couple of battleships and a battle cruiser showing. I immediately got onto comms and relayed this information.

Well one of my corp mates was in the cave and explained that it looked like they were using one of their retrievers and a Megathron to clear a Grav site, which included mining the site. So I thought if I could scan down the Grav site that we could maybe jump them and get a couple of easy kills. I went back and grabbed my Magnate to do the scanning.

While I was scanning this down the other corp logged in about 4 more people and began to warp to the high sec wormhole. What they were doing was closing the hole with mass being put through the hole. They managed to get the hole closed just before I found the Grav site and it seemed that they stopped mining. So since I was there anyway I started to scan down the new high sec hole. Upon finding it I warped to it and because I do not have Covert Ops Cloaking on the Magnate they were able to see my ship.

I jumped out and got the system that it spawned in so that one of our guys could bring in his new salvaging ship, the Noctis. When I jumped back in I held cloak and was going to sit on the hole for a bit to see what traffic goes through. Well just then I see on my overview a Nemesis and a BOMB!!! I quickly uncloaked and started a warp to our C6 wormhole. I was not quick enough and the bomb hit and took me all the way to 20% armor. WOW what a rush that was trying to not get insta-popped, lol. But I did manage to get out luckily and I still have my scanning ship. Of course had I lost it, I would have had an excuse to by an Anathema as I can now fly Covert Ops ships. In a couple of days I will be able to use the Covert Ops cloaking device which will really help me out in the wormholes as you can stay cloaked while warping.

Well this excited my corp mates that we could get some PVP out of these guys. So we quickly put a fleet together and I grabbed my Abaddon battleship and Scorpion as I wanted to test it out. One of my mates jumped in a Broadsword and warped to the high sec hole. Immediately a Drake landed and they began combat. Then another Drake landed and we all jumped in the hole. We had a decent sized fleet with a couple of Hurricanes and my BS's. We landed and destroyed one of the Drakes while the other managed to jumped out of the high sec hole. Totally expecting some of the other corps BS's to land we waited there with the Broadswords warp bubble up. Well the other Drake pilot made a fatal mistake of jumping back in only to find us waiting. He didn't last very long, nor did either of their pods.

Unfortunately no other pilots landed and after camping the hole for a while we decided to hang out at a planet that was off scan range. To no avail they didn't bite on this and we decided to close this hole as the carebears seemed to be logging off and not willing to fight.

The new cave that spawned had a Retriever and a Badger in space somewhere. This got everyone excited for some more carebear kills. So we all sat on the other side of the wh in our C6 waiting for our intel to find said ships. Ohh did they find them alright. The ships were sitting as bait in a bubble outside of the corps POS. This was so that anyone stupid enough to simply scan the ships down and warp to them that they would get caught in the bubble and blown up by the POS guns, scrams, and webs. So we figured we would ignore that and I decided to log for the night. Right before I logged one of our alliance buddies used a stealth bomber and destroyed the two ships with a bomb just to say he could. It was quite funny actually that there is always away around some traps.

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