Monday, December 6, 2010

PoS Security

Two nights ago I logged in and there were not a lot of people online from the corp. Well me and one of my corp mates decided to run some sites in the cave. So we ran and we ran and ran some more until all sites were clear. In the end we each made 47 million isk and it did not take very long at all. Was fun as we were able to bullshit on teamspeak about a lot of stuff.

One of them being the corps new security policy. Basically the corp is going in a direction of recruiting a lot of new people. So to address some of the corps security concerns the ceo decided to have two PoS's in the wh. One PoS is used for the capital ships as well for the directors and our manufacturing portion. This PoS is off limits now for regular members and should provide more security to anyone with a capital ship and our valuable manufactoring business.

While the other PoS is now for all of the members with a seperate ship array and hangar for the sr. members which I have been promoted to. I am really glad that we have taken up this measure as you never know when you bring people into the wormhole because you live out of the PoS and in a wormhole you have to trust that other people are not going to be messing with your ships and gear. So with the new security it really made me feel much better about bringing in a lot of newer pilots.

I look forward to having more people to run sites in our home system with as it is difficult to run them without having the logistics or dps pilots on. I have decided that once my alt completes Caldari cruiser V in 6 days that I will instead of go for a Tengu to work him up as a Basilisk pilot instead. This way I could use him for our ops when we only have 1 Basilisk pilot online.

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  1. That sounds like a really good set-up! Great idea.