Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Learning skills

So with the learning skills being removed tomorrow and us getting those skill points back in our pool I now have a chance to make a decision on what direction I want to take my main toon. I already know that I want to take the alt the direction of a Basilisk direction so that we have more of those available for ops.

The two directions I have planned that I need to decide on are either a carrier (the Chimera) or going for recon ships on the Amarr side (the Curse and Pilgrim). Which ever way I go I plan on going all the way to V with them and maximizing the supporting skills to be the best in them as I can. For the carrier I chose the Chimera for the shield rep bonuses and tank. This is because I would plan to put at least one carrier in the worm hole for escalations. A corp mate of mine was talking about how cool it would be to have nothing but carriers for sites. I think this would be a ton of fun and certainly be challenging. I also have always been interested in getting into a capital ship, the Revalation is one of my favorite looking ships in the game but the dread naught is not as useful as a carrier.

For one the carrier is used as a remote repair logistics ship so it fits the bill perfecting in the wormhole. Fighters that it can deploy also provide crazy dps. Another nice perk is that a carrier has a ton of space that you can use to transport large amounts of goodies around in low and null sec.Which is one possibility that I may be taking that plunge at some time with the direction in which the alliance is going. But we will see how all of that pans out in the near future.

On the other hand the Pilgrim is a perfect ship for the wormhole as well for a combat ship. You can sneak around in it and come up on unsuspecting site runners in other wormholes. I have found with my recent acquisition of covert ops cloaking how valuable this skill is in the wormhole as you can warp around unnoticed and wreak some havoc in small groups before your prey knows you are there. The Curse is also one of the more feared cruiser hulls and I plan on learning how to properly fly both of these ships so that I bring max benefit to the fleets I will be flying in with them.

In the next segment I will tell a story of how my would be corpmates decided to fail and become the baitees instead of the baiters.

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