Thursday, December 9, 2010

Real Life

So I have not been able to play much the last couple of days due to real life. Man it can really get in the way sometimes. However I haven't missed much as people have been simply doing some mining and getting some of their ships in the wormhole and what not.

On my idea from before with the Rokh vs. a Logistics ship one of my corp mates really liked the idea and thinks it would work well. While discussing this another one of our corp members decided to look into his skill sets and found that he would be able to use a Scimitar logistics within 2 days all this time. So it looks like we will have another logi pilot now and no need for the Rokh. Ohh well maybe it will be needed someday. It does look like we will be doing a CA or 2 tonight to make some more iskies, I hope to be able to get in on those.

In the meantime I have some information that I have been meaning to pass on with regards to somethings our corp is doing and some directions that our directors/ceo have planned. Currently our corp is going to continue to recruit pilots for the wormhole. But our ceo plans on moving one of his toons out into another corp within the alliance that will be a corp that is dedicated to null sec (0.0 security status space) location where they plan to have some space to do plexing and some pvp.

Now this is very enticing to me in that null sec is somewhere I have never really been. So depending on how things pan out and how the pvp corp grows i may want to move my main toon there and leave the alt in the wormhole to make money with. I think this would be a lot of fun especially if we don't plan on going for sovereignty in the systems that we would be ratting it. Now I do not have all of the information on it yet but it sounds like we would be basing out of a NPC station and doing things from there.

On another note I recently have purchased a Noctis thanks to one of our corp mates that was able to get a blue print out of the craziness that was the Outer Ring. He made them and sold them to us corpies at a very reduced price. I have not yet accepted the contract yet due to not having a good route that did not have active corps along it. A couple of nights ago I did log in and scanned down a hisec hole in a c2 that was connected to our cave.

Now I just happened to have completed the Covert Ops skill that day so I was in my cloaky ship and I was lucky I had been. While scanning I noticed that there were a few Covert Ops/ Stealth bombers on scan that disappeared after getting my probes out. What happened was that I was able to scan down the HiSec wormhole in the system and decided against landing directly on the hole. Well I started warp and landed 50km off the hole.

Well there was a Pilgrim sitting 20km from me when I landed so I am glad I made the decision I did. I quickly pulled probes and wanted to warp back to the entrance hole from the cave but I forgot to bookmark it. So I warped to a planet off scan from the high sec hole and dropped probes again. Once I had the way out I warped to the hisec again at 100km and found that the Pilgrim had left or was cloaked. So I decided to create a 150km bookmark there and warped to 70km off from the entrance hole and sat watching for any of their other cloaky ships.

Part of all of my warping and changing of distances was from my faction warfare days where I learned to never land at the 0km or 100km off from things and to always be random. This saved me many-a-days back then so I always revert back to this when I might be chased or in a potential combat situation. Well after about 15 minutes of watching both of the holes I decided to make a run for it back through the cave. Which I was able to make it back to our hole without contact. So another day not being able to bring in the Noctis as who knows where the Pilgrim disappeared to.

I will get it in the wormhole one of these days.

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