Monday, December 20, 2010

Decided On Learning Direction

I also have decided that the direction I will be going the route of a carrier pilot with my main. Man I am excited to be in the Chimera in a couple of months. And then another 30 days to be worth anything with the fighters and Cap Shield reps.

Lately I have been only able to get online with one account as I have had a lot of real life stuff going on. But I have been able to run sites with my corpmates. Recently we have had a large turn out for these sites in the C6, which is actually great. The site takes less time and we get a lot of comradely out of this. The ops have been a blast and even though the split on isk is not as high I think it is actually better than only having 4-5 people online that are the same people all of the time.

In the next post I will explain how best to lose a Basilisk in a C6 site and why it is bad to have a carrier pilot be the tagger, lol.

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