Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Roaming in Low Sec

So I had planned on writing more about some more of my experiences in the past but I think it is time to bring the blog closer to the current time with what we did last night.

Logging in a usual I got onto my main and my alt and was warped into our POS. There were a couple of people logged in but no one active at the time so I decided to scan down the Cave and the route out into known space. At the same time one of our Alliance mates was doing the same and we happened upon the Cave at around the same time. We both jumped in and I began to scan after getting cloaked up. My alliance friend also cloaked up and just then a Vexor landed on our wormhole. Shortly afterwards he jumped into our wormhole and it seemed he didn't like what he saw because he didn't stay very long. All the while we were trying to get our alts in ships and position to attack him, but he bugged off long before we could get organized.

So I continued to scan down the high sec hole within the cave. We found that this hole came out in Amarr space, the Odin System to be exact. This route was especially good for me as I have modules and ships in the Amarr system and it was only 9 jumps from the hole exit. So I figured this was as good as time as any to sell off the sleeper loot that I had been holding onto for a while. At the same time I figured it would be a good idea to buy the skill books I needed for my alt to better his jamming skills for the pvp Scorpion that I recently had put together for him. At the same time I figured he really needed a smaller battle cruiser sized hull and so I bought and fit out a pvp fit Drake. This way I would have something that would be worth something in pvp situations rather than risking my pve fit ships on him.

While putting the ship together one of the afk pilots came back and started looking around in the cave. He found that two Cheetahs were online in a POS and we decided to use my mains Drake to start a site in the Cave to try to bait them out. Well this didn't work as they simply logged off and were quite boring! So I just finished up the site to make a little money. As I was about to finish salvaging the yummy sleeper parts a bunch of corp and alliance mates came online. We quickly decided since we had a hole close to Amarr/Minmatar faction warefare areas we would do a low sec roam.

Well we put together a decent sized fleet, a couple of Rifters, 3 nano Canes, a nano Harbi, and a triple rep mirm. We all met up in the Kourmonen system and it didn't take long for our alliance scout to find some red flashing Dominix's and Legion. I will mention that at this time I was kind of in a co-fleet commander role in which I was leading the charge to chase down our first prey of the night. We unfortunately only had one Rifter with us and he was very new to PVP so it took us quite a few systems before we were able to finally catch them.

Once we caught them we were able to knock off the two Domi's but I missed a point (where you can keep the ship from warping) on the Legion. So this was a good start to the night as we did not have to go flashy red (which means we are attacked by gate guns and anyone can attack us without recourse, this is called GCC).

Once we got into the system cluster that Vard connects to we started looking around for some people to shoot at. This is a fun time because you always have the chance to find someone on their own, but there is a chance that they have a fleet sitting on the other side of the gate and all we ended up taking was the bait. Well we found a solo Drake and decided to aggress it and go GCC. After making quick work of him we went a hiding by a planet in the system. After a short wait GCC was up and off to roaming we went again.

We decided it might be good to check the system of Amamake as the top asteroid belt typically has some sort of fight or bait set up. Unfortunately we were not able to find anyone that seemed like it would turn out well for our fleet.

This is where the night became interesting. We landed on the Auga gate in Vard just as another Drake landed. Well we went GCC and he began to play gate jump games where he would jump through and some of us could not due to aggression timers. Well we finally caught him and destroyed his well tanked ship while I managed to get put into 20% armor due to the gate guns.

So we all ended up in Auga flashy red. I quickly went to station and repaired. But this was an interesting plan on our part as Auga had a ton of Minmatar faction warfare militia members. Who were quite chatty in local and also decided to bring out a Bhaalgorn and Naval Armaggedon since they knew they had numbers on us.

Well they chased some of us around in system some and started to talk all sorts of smack how we didn't want the Bhaalgorn 1billion isk ship kill. Well the truth of the matter is that we did want it, just we were not dumb enough to get blobbed by everyone in system.

So what we ended up trying to do was setup with another very large fleet a plan that would allow us to get the Bhaalgorn. We ended up sending the triple rep Mirm out to an asteroid belt to see about getting the Bhaal pilot to take the bait. Well he chickened out and would not shoot due to his "sec status" being too low. Which was a total excuse.  Man I would like to have gotten that kill as he was very talkative in local. But we decided that it was late, and better to go out on top without any losses and a couple decent kills.

Back to the wormhole we went with the feeling of some accomplishment of one of the first alliance ops that I had been part of. I really enjoyed myself last night as I love to orchestrate fights as it is such a rush.

Anyway that does it for today. Hope for some more action tonight.

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