Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Epic Wormhole PVP

So about 2 weeks ago now we had an interesting PVP experience in our wormhole. What began like a normal day in the wormhole quickly became a lot of PVP fun. I started out by logging in and scanning our C6 for the Cave entrance (this is what we call our Static C2 wormhole). While online my corp mates started chattering in corp chat about an active C5 hole that had spawned an entrance into our home wormhole.

Apparently some traffic had begun of Buzzard ships (scanner ships) going back and forth between the C5 and our Cave hole. Well not too long after I logged on the Buzzard pilots shipped up to 2 Harbingers, a Heretic, 2 Mirmadons and one still in a Buzzard. They all seemed to have went into the Cave.

So the curious sort we are and always trying to keep tabs on them I jumped into the Cave. I quickly decloaked, dropped probes and then cloaked back up again. What I found on scan were all of the ships and they reacted quickly to try to catch me it seems. With 2 Harbi's and the Heretic warping to the exit hole back to our home WH and then beginning to orbit it. Well I maintained my cool and maintained eyes on them while I made some distance between the the hole and myself.

It took about 30 mins before they got bored and decided to change tactics. They all left the Cave and started to camp the other side of the hole, which we had someone else cloaked on who had eyes on them. Shortly after that they all warped to their C5 exit hole with all but 2 Harbi's leaving system, as well as any cloaked ships they might have had.

Well we all quickly decided with our Alliance mates who had just logged on to do an attack on the Harbinger on the C5 and see what happens. So I put my alt in his Drake and warped with a couple of battleships, a couple of Guardians (remote repair ships)  and a scorpion (a jamming ship) to the hole. We quickly dispatched the the Harbi only to find that the corp had a decent force on the other side of the hole.

A Bhaalgorn (quite expensive battleship), a neuting Dominix, several  battle cruisers and a couple of their own Guardians jumped through. This had an ensuing battle like I had not had in quite a while. I will tell you that in this game where you can actually lose your ship and stuff it is very exhilarating to get into combat.Well at that time I was able to grab my own Harbi on the field for the fight. Our fleet began to call primary targets and we began to deplete their fleet little by little until there was only the Bhaalgorn and the guardians left, which quickly jumped back through their hole. This was the first time I have ever seen a Bhaalgorn by the way which I think it a very cool looking ship.

Bhaalgorn Battleship

I quickly shipped up to one of my Ravens in my alt and stayed in my Harbi on my main. Well we soon found out that we stayed too long. As an Apoc kept jumping through and aggressing me but nothing else followed. We sent a cloaky ship through to scout and found that they had quite a number of ships on the other side including a Carrier class ship.

Well they soon all jumped through and happened to have 5 Guardians, a fair number of T2 ships, a Deimos (heavy assault ship) and the remaining force from before including the Apoc BS. We soon found that 5 guardians makes for a difficult time of killing something when they have so many reps, however we were able to change targets quick enough that we eventually killed off a couple smaller ships and the Deimos.

I give mad props to our Guardian and Scorpion pilots as they did a hell of a job keeping mostly shield tanked ships alive with the armor reppers and keeping the bad guys jammed out. We ended up getting most of our ships out, including my alts Raven, but alas my Harbi went down in flames but not without a fight. It has a hell of a good time and I commend those pilots in the enemy force for all of the fun.

All in all we felt we won with having killed more ships that were more expensive as well. But we did have a couple of new guys lose their ships and a couple get podded. Either way I would love to see that corp in the WH again and would definitely be down for some more good times like that.

Edit: Fixed Deimos as a heavy assault instead of command. Not sure what I was thinking there.

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