Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wormhole Life

After getting accepted into my current corp I was then able to move stuff into the C6 that we live in and share with our alliance mates (another corp allied with us). I mainly chose this particular corporation due to it being a US based corp and mainly based on the east coast for time zone purposes. This way I have people on everynight when I log on to play.

So far I have really enjoyed myself in the new corp. We have done a ton of Cosmic Anomoly sites (shooting at sleeper drone ships), assaulted other players Player Owned Stations (pos) in wormholes, went on camping trips and did some pvp. All of which I will explain and document shortly before getting into the today/ tomorrow stuff.

To begin with I have made some decent money doing sites with the corp. We do them in our own wormhole, in our static wormhole (this is an adjacent lower class hole that spawns a different hole each day) and also in a Class 5 wormhole. For our system and the C5 we use shield tanked (check for more information on shield tanking) battleships. Which I had to cross train shield skills and Caldari BS skills to be able to fly the Scorpion Navy Issue that I use on my main toon and I had already leveled up the skills and owned a shield tanked Raven for my alt toon. Most of us have alts and we typically dual box most C6 sites as well as did C5 sites when we went on a camping trip. What this means is we took a medium pos of our own and moved into a C5 that spawned with a ton of CA's in it. We ran these for about a week and made quite a bit of money for ourselves and for the corp. Hopefully we will use the corp funds to do some roaming in pvp or something fun soon.

For our static lower class wormhole I typically use a couple of Drakes (battle cruiser size ship) and do that solo or with another corp mate on nights people are not online or when we do not have a good route to high security space.

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