Monday, November 29, 2010

When in Rome, destroy their POS

So if you remember I mentioned previously about Player Owned Stations. What these can consist of is a main Control Tower, a force field, various ship/item/manufacturing arrays and a multitude of defensive types of ewar/resistance/gunnery. So there are many ways to design the POS according to budget and how well defended a corp would like their POS to be.

Well unfortunately for some people they do not always understand what is needed to truly defend the POS and over about a month we happened upon two such POS 's. So what we ended up doing to break away from any monotonic nature of killing sleepers in our C6 wormhole was to move one of our own smaller POSs into the neighboring wormholes that had undefended or poorly defended POSs along with a slew of battleships and ammo.

We then proceeded to siege the POS in which we would incapacitate any "lol" defenses they may have had and then attacked the Control Tower until it goes into a Reinforced state. This state means it cannot be attacked for a period of time until the POS's fuel for reinforcement runs out, usually a day or more. We then could continue to attack and destroy the tower in order to loot anything from inside that we could get from the various arrays.

The first POS that we sieged ended up only having a few ships left as the owners got quite a bit out the night it was in reinforced. However the second POS ended up yielding many different arrays, ships and modules due to us letting the 4-5 owners out of the system without a fight in exchange for anything they left. So that siege turned out to be quite profitable for the corp.

The only downfall is that POS sieging takes a lot of ammo and a lot of time to destroy the main tower. Which can be slightly boring if you do not have a lot of fire power with you. For the second POS we had both us and our alliance mates to take it down so it didn't take very long. It also was logistically a pain to get everything out of the WH.

We ended up moving everything into an adjacent C5 from the C2 that the POS was in and then was able to find a route to hisec. I ended up helping move 5-6 ships out as I could fly those types. Over all the POS siege is fun and can be profitable as the ones that are not well defended are typically due to the people not knowing much about the game and they end up crying about it a lot. Which is quite funny.

In the next post I will discuss some of my PVP experiences up until this time including the epic battle with CCRES corp.

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