Wednesday, November 24, 2010

History of my toon(s)

So I will start this off with where I have been in the game of Eve Online. I started this game as something to do outside of another game that I was playing earlier this year. When I started the game I first tried a couple of the different races over the 14 day trial period and finally settled on an Amarr character. I really liked the looks of the ships that it had, especially the Abaddon.

As I found out very quickly that getting into the shiny ships that I wanted to fly would take a fair amount of time. I also found out that the game had an extremely high learning curve to it. So it took a lot of research and asking in the "rookie" chat to figure out how to maneuver around in the game.

Once I got some of the basics down I found what is called a "Corporation" (corp), which is like a guild in the game. My first corp was a mining corp. What this meant was that most of the players in the corp were into the mining profession. I quickly found out that mining is kind of mindless and proceeded to help them out with hauling only. I decided then that being a combat pilot was more along my fancy. So I had planned to help the corp out as a pvp pilot to protect the miners from pirates (other players that perform piracy), etc. But I found that I was alone in that task in the corp and begun to look around for another corp as soon as it was announced that our CEO (the leader of the corp) will be stepping out for real life reasons and will be giving the corp over to someone else.

I then found the corp of  The Imperium of Lazy Nation that was rooted in what is called Faction Warfare. What this meant was that they were fighting for the Amarr Militia (navy for the most part) to attack and defend solar systems against the Minmatar and Gallente Federation. This meant that I could live in high security (hisec) space but go out into low security (low sec) space to pvp in gangs of fellow Amarr Militia corporations. I found this to be extremely enjoyable. Whenever I logged on there seemed to always be some form of fleet forming in which I would be able to shoot at and at least get some kills of sorts that night. Quite often I was getting many kills and also was suffering a fair amount of losses as I was still learning the pvp portion as well as my skills were still low and I could only fly cheapo tier one frigates and cruisers. That and I had low amounts of money as I never learned to mission to make money.

While this was very fun I then had some real life things come up that caused me to not be able to play for some time. When I finally came back 3-4 months later the corp that I had been in was in dire straights as it only had a few people active in it. This included me, the CEO and another good friend of mine from the corp. I was on most times alone and soon found no fun in going to fleets of people I knew nothing about alone was no fun for me. So I decided to learn some of the pve side of the game and began to do research on missioning as I enjoyed my couple of times missioning  with my friend Tim. Along the way I met another good friend MG and learned a lot of missioning tricks from him. He plays with multiple accounts and wrecks missions quickly. He is a ton of fun to mission with and I really was given a lot of help from him which I appreciate greatly. This also prompted me to create a second account that I now use in the wormhole nightly.

As I continued with my missioning and playing on my own a lot for a couple of months I finally decided that it was time to move on to something new. And I did a lot of research and browsing around for a wormhole corp as the pod cast Lost in Eve has really excited me about wormholes. If you want to find out what a wormhole is Google has a ton of information on the subject when related to Eve online, but to quickly summarize them up they are a part of space that has random entrances and exists as well no security to speak of so all things are free game in them.

So what's next? I plan to explain some of the things that have happened and what I have learned since joining my wormhole corp. I really have been enjoying myself as well have been making a ton of money that is allowing me to have a couple extra ships for pvp now, which I will get into in another blog.

Signing off - Fantym

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