Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve Roam

So I jumped online Christmas eve to play Eve, ha just realized the pun there. Anyway I jumped on to say hello and give everyone a Merry Xmas wish and while on there were a ton of people sitting around doing nothing. Well since I had some xmas egg nog and brandy flowing I decided to ask if they wanted to do a roam. This seemed to get a pretty good amount interest and someone quickly decided to spice it up some.

What was decided was that we were going to take out a bunch of battlecruisers and name them all after Santa's reindeer. Well naturally everyone online jumped at the chance to be a reindeer and have some Christmas cheer in the ways of blowing things up. I quickly grabbed my pvp Drake and named her after Donner.

So in the fleet we had Donner, Dancer, Blitzen, Vixen, Prancer, Dasher, Comet, and Cupid. We jumped out of the wormhole and headed towards Hek. I was leading the charge and had decided we would go down the back pipe near Hek as I had always seen pirates and faction warfare people there during my faction warfare days.

The night started off slowly as we did not find anyone in a couple of the clusters of systems. However I was scouting ahead and landed on a Rapier and a Drake that were flashy red and immediately aggressed me. Well my fleet landed and we killed off the Rapier, but were unable to get the Drake. The Drake pilot complained in local how we were using "blob" tactics (when you get mass numbers and blob around on people) to kill them. We shrugged him off and moved on to more systems. Unfortunately unable to find more people to attack we started back the way we came.

I jumped back into the same system we had the fight in before and on the gate this time was 5 ships in waiting. We decided to take them on and jumped our merry reindeer into the frey. Well that would be our downfall and the crash and burn of the reindeer roam as we immediately were "blobbed" by another 6 ships. They brought quite a large force and began to pick us off one by one.

Once all reindeer had been disposed of we laughed our way back to the wormhole in our pods and made fun of ourselves in the reindeer ships. Overall it was a fun night and even though our fleet of deer had been obliterated we still could not help but have merry cheer.

So here is to all the fun times I have had with my crew and to more next year. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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