Friday, December 3, 2010

Lesson Learned

Ok so last night I get online for a few minutes after doing some Christmas decorations outside in the freezing cold and we all decided it would be a good idea to do some CA's since we had our two logistics pilots available. Well I needed to go afk for an hour and when I got back there was a lot of chatter going on in both corp and alliance chat. What all the excitement was about was that we had a hostile force of about 5 Tech 3 ships with logistics that had killed and podded one of our newer players that was mining earlier.

Well it just so happens that the hostile force was part of one of the, if not "the", biggest wormhole corps in the game and they had a direct wormhole from their C6 into our home wormhole. So we all got on comms and started to gear up to try to thwart the hostiles as best we could. Now this is where everyone in our fleet knows this is a suicide mission and we were probably going to get pwned, but we needed to do something.

We figured that two things can happen. Either we turtle and the bigger corp decides that they can roll over us and begin to siege our home POS's or we fight. Now by fighting we could have provoked a larger attack, potentially won or lose and show them our hand in which they may still want to steam roll us. So we decided to fight.

I grabbed my Abaddon and put my alt in his Scorpion along with proper armor tank fits so that the alliance guardians would have an easier time repping us. It took us quite some time to get organized as we really needed to be sure of what we were going to do and in the end that may have been our downfall. The hostiles convo'd one of our pilots and was asking if we were going to be doing something soon or they were going to leave. Now we had no idea what that could possibly mean so we finally decided to put our plan into action.

In our fleet we had 2 Abaddons, Armageddon, Dominix, Megathron, 2 Scorpions, 2 Hurricanes,  3 Guardians and a few other battlecruisers. What we knew of for their fleet was a Zealot, 3 Loki's, 2 Legions, 2 Guardians, and an Oineros.

We warped in the Dominix to our Cave entrance where we knew they had a Loki sitting. The Loki did not aggress and instead the rest of their fleet warped in to 140K. It seemed that they had a cloaky ship that was getting them a warp in to the Domi.Suddenly a Legion burnt away from the Domi to 150km and then warped in and the battle began.

Well suddenly they had two Bhaalgorns on field an Arazu and a host of other ships that included 5 BS, 6 Tech 3's, 2 Guardians, and and 3-4 more Tech 2 Cruisers. All in all they had about 20 ships on field. Right off the bat our Guardians were capped out by the two Bhaalgorns. Man those ships are evil in combat and it seems that they are rapidly becoming either a "flavor of the month" or we just attract them. Well due to the Guardians being out of cap the Dominix went down almost instantly. With the Guardians dropping shortly after that. The other thing they did very effectively was to sensor dampen the two Scorpions that came in at range and basically became ineffective on field. Seeing that we were being torn apart we called for a retreat and only a couple of ships made it out.

My Scorpion had a Proteus and the Arazu on it and then a few other came over to finish it off. I was outside of the bubble that was created by their Onyx so was able to get my pod out. My Abaddon was the last remaining ship on the field for our fleet and it did not take them long to take me down. Being last I had already started to slow boat towards the outside of the bubble and was being capped out by the Bhaalgorn so my microwarp drive was totally incapacitated. I had thought I was outside of the bubble when one of my favorite ships was lost but alas I was not. This resulted in my pod being inside and an easy kill for the hostiles.

All tallied we lost 12 ships and about 2.1billion iskies. The hostiles then left our home hole but the wormhole remains open. They did give us "props" for bringing a force out, so no matter the losses I think we at least have some respect and I feel confident they are not going to siege us, but that remains to be seen.

With the wormhole to their home system still active in our own we will need to be on our toes for the next couple of days until it closes. And then we still will not know if they left an alt in system to continue to come back and assault us. Tonight will be an interesting evening to see how things have transpired since the ass-whoopin' we took last night. But as the title says we have learned a valuable lesson and that is to not let the other force build their forces by taking too long to make a move. I think we should also understand that showing our hand and what ships we had long before the battle began also led to our final downfall.

Ohh well, so is the life in a wormhole it seems. More to come tomorrow.

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  1. I will say that I still loved the rush that I got in combat even though we got our ass kicked. LOL