Saturday, December 4, 2010

Recouping Iskies

So after the crazy PVP experience and possible loss of more I logged on last night not knowing what I would run into. Well turns out we had a couple people on the bigger corps K wormhole and have been watching whether pilots run in or out. Turns out they were jumping some people in from our cave hole over the period of a couple of hours. So I figured what the hell I need money and we have eyes on the whole so I decided to run some sites in the cave.

I started one and shortly after there was some added activity on the hostile hole. They were jumping in with Interdictors and then jumping back out. Looked like they were trying to close the hole as the Interdictors bubble would actually drop it's mass by quite a bit for when they jumped into our hole and then the full mass of the ship would remove some from the hole on the way back out. Soon enough the hole closed. Much rejoicing began and we were also in position to catch one of the ships trying to close the hole in case they got stuck on our side.

So with that said I had finished my first site and begun another while being on comms with everyone. We happened to have quite a few online including two of our logistics pilots. So we all talked one into sticking around and we decided to put a fleet together and run our site in the home wormhole. We ended up with 7 battleships and the 2 logistics. And we were even able to drop a couple of capital spawns to get a bit more money out of the site.

Which is good because I despritely needed the extra money since I lost close to 400 million the night before in our fight with the other corp. So after last night I believe I was able to amass $150-175 million iskies. A couple more nights of that and I will be able to buy a couple of new battleships. I think I am going to mix it up a little the next set of ships. I am still going to duse a Scorpion on my alt, although a Blackbird might not be a bad idea either for smaller or quicker fleets, maybe both who knows. But I am going to go for a Gank/Tank Armageddon for my main. They put out good dps with around 100k effective hit points, at a fraction of the cost of the Abaddon. Hell I may even be able to put a couple of faction items on it to boost the dps or tank. Although there was a great option for a neuting 'geddon as well which I think would be a good pvp fit as well since the Bhaalgorns seem to be so popular and effective I may just give that one a try.

I also finally broke down and purchased an Anathema last night as well with a sisters probe launcher and probes. This should make probing things down much easier. I will try it out tonight and see how things look.


  1. Have fun with your Anathema man. I love that ship!

  2. Ohh that ship is rocking right now. I love how much easier it is to probe things out. I also can use Covert Ops cloaking now so will help with the stealth factor.

    Thanks for reading!