Thursday, December 30, 2010

Moving To Null Sec

So the plan has been put into play and our CEO and directors have decided to move the corp to null sec from the wormhole. Now I am excited and worried at the same time with this. I am excited as I have always wanted to get into 0.0 sec space as I heard there is good money and it can be a lot of fun out there. I have not made the jump to null strictly for the worried reason.

I have always been worried about being able to have a steady income out there. Part of why I get worried is because I pay for my two accounts by using in game plex. Plex is something that someone else buys with real life money and then sells on the in game market. These have been running approximately 350 million isk currently so I need to make at the very least 700 million a month to be able to continue to play. Not knowing anything about Null sec has me worried due to possibly getting raided by people while ratting or doing anomalies.

So I have been doing some research and it seems that it really is not that often that things like that happen. I also have found out that we will be moving to NPC space so that we do not have to defend or live out of PoS's and can dock up in the NPC stations to get away from people. This is a huge difference even though we won't be able to upgrade systems to get better signatures / anomalies, or at least that is how I think it works.

So now comes the logistics part of getting down to where we need to stage our ships and equipment. I currently have a lot of ships in the wormhole so this is going to be a pain to move everything down there. But it is a necessary part of moving there and I plan to stick with this corporation and I have made some good friends here. Even now as I write this post I am becoming more comfortable with the idea of living down there and I really will work hard at getting my stuff out of the wormhole. I dragged my feet the last few nights on doing it partly because of my worries but I think I can get over that hump and get going on the move tonight.

In the next post I will write about the move and any problems I may run into during it.

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