Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Null Cruiser Roam

So last Friday I put together another roam that I led into null sec space. This time we went with mostly T1 /Faction cruisers and a couple of battlecruisers. We ended up having a single interceptor with us as well that ended up being scout for us. Myself and my corp mate also jumped in T1 logistic ships, the Exequor.

Well I decided to take us out to the same place that we roamed the last time in frigates. We had a rather uneventful start with only a couple of ships showing up on scan and nothing in the wake of our 15 cruisers. Well we landed on one gate and found there was a gate camp in the next system. I had planned to attack them and take them down but had to step away and leave the fleet in one of my corp mates hands. When I came back I found we had lost our scout due to a miscommunication. So we continued on and used an armor tanked Omen as scout and the Harbinger that we had with us as bait.

As we continued down a familar pipe we all of a sudden noticed a large local spike and many ships on scan. It appeared as though we had a decent sized fleet following along behind us. I kept us moving until we got to a system that was owned by a blue alliance. Once in this system we setup on the other side of the gate with our bait on the incoming gate side. All of the other fleet started to land and I had him jump into us. The engagement had begun and we soon had a Myrm jump in and a host of other ships. I actually recorded this engagement in the below video for your viewing pleasure. I had someone else calling primaries as I was in a "LOL" logistics ship, which as you will see did not work out as well as we had hoped.

So I hope you enjoyed my little slice of the roam that I recorded. As you can see I was podded, and we lost a lot of the fleet but it was hella fun. If only we had real logistics or two more dps ships with us, maybe next time. Another 5-6 of us reshipped after this, me grabbing my Malediction and burning back to the null sec staging area for another roam. I decided this time to take us up a different route and we then fell upon a 3 man gang. A Dominix, Falcon and Hurricane and the battle quickly ensued with the Domi being primary. Well I had us change focus onto the Falcon and I am glad I did as the Domi was active tanked. Once the Falcon was down the other two went. My Malediction was then shot out from under me as I got too close for the Domi to be able to scram and web me. Once we cleaned up the loot we found that the Falcon was faction fit and thus helped pay for some of our own losses.

I eventually would like to take pieces of this and other recording to make an alliance recruitment video. I will speak more about that in future posts I suppose. In the next post I will explain how to lose a Drake when your fleet is still in station.

Thanks for reading.

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