Monday, February 21, 2011

So the very next day after our cruiser roam there was a battlecruiser roam mid afternoon with the alliance that we are blue with down in the sov area in null sec. So I just happened to have a pvp Drake and my alt down in that area so I decided to join up. Well not more than 10 seconds after joining was there intel that some of the people were fighting two jumps away while waiting for the fleet to get assembled. I decided to undock and join them. Well they had killed off everything by the time I got there and then it was called for people to assemble on the station.

I was on my way back when there was intel that another small subset of what was thought to be a large gang was on the station bubbling it. I held back and decided to warp to a planet instead. They said on comms that the bubble was down so I decided to warp to station. What they did not mention was that there was a second bubble up and I landed right in it. Now this is where I made my mistakes. First I decided to try to get out of the bubble and flew away from the station which was 18km off. Now I will say that I did not have a prop mod on the ship so this influenced my decision some. I then made the mistake of aggroing a malediction that came out and attacked me. He began to fire on my drones as I had him deep in armor when a flycatcher caught up to me and rebubbled. By that time most of the rest of their fleet had jumped into the system and were on their way. Now my fleet commander was not having our fleet help as they did not have any intel on the size of the fleet. So I was there alone outside of station being shot down slowly. The FC did finally order our scimitars to rep me but by then their entire fleet was on me. I went down and ofcourse was podded.

Luckily I still had my Blackbird ship down there and was able to continue with the fleet that day with that ship. We went out into the Great Wildlands and were able to rack up a half dozen or more kills. There was at one time another fleet that we attempted to catch and engage but they got away from us. All in all it was a fun fleet and I learned of a couple of new tactics as well as some new areas to go roaming in.

Thanks for reading.

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