Monday, June 9, 2014

Back in the saddle!

So it has been a couple of years since I have posted on the blog, and roughly a year and a half since I was doing anything "Eve" related but I have made my way back into space once again.

I made this decision after reading about a number of really cool changes that happened and also were coming to Eve Rubicon and the latest Kronos expansion that really got me excited to jump back into being a capsuleer. A lot of the ship re-balancing really seems to have made the game a lot more enjoyable for someone like me, who now has a toddler and needs to be more casual.

Once I had made the decision to jump back in I toyed with the idea of becoming a (Yarr) pirate in low-sec space and begun my forum, DOTLAN and Battleclinic search for a crew that had a good US presence that also would fit my characters skills and hopefully allow me to get back into the swing of things. While doing this research I slowly found a couple and reached out them them on the forums to see if they had space for someone like me and those leads turned into false hope as most I found didn't have a real US based presence. While scouring the web I happened upon a Null-sec corporation recruitment advert that peaked my interest so I took a look at their website.

What I found there was nothing short of awesomeness in the fact that the owner of the corp (and as it turns out one of the leaders of the alliance) put together an amazing website. This really got my attention because , to me, this meant that the leadership had stock in the corporation enough to go through the effort to put something so cool together that they had to actually care about the corp and in game content as well. I also happened to find a link on the site that allowed me to start up one of my accounts using a referral program (which I later used for my other two accounts) so that I could speak with them in game and see if I would fit well in the corp.

Cutting to the chase, I fit very well and I am really enjoying myself. This corp does have some interesting background and has some ties into role-playing (RP) as an option if anyone wants to join in on that type of thing. I had been a RPG player when I was younger and probably would never pretend to speak as an "in-character" toon every again in my life lol! But it is nice to know that the corp has some direction and goals based on the RP factor. This ties in very nicely with the constant PVP action that I am now part of as well.

I will wrap this post up with the region I now live in within Eve, which is Syndicate. A NPC "renter" region that doesn't require your alliance to own (have Sov) in the system to be able to claim it. This makes it a nice go between the harsh Sov Null-sec space and Low-sec where I lived for a couple of years in faction warfare. I will start talking about some of my plans to make money and where I am with ships in the next couple of posts. And of course I won't forget the cool fights and interesting joking around on the TS3 server either!

Thanks for sticking with me and it's good to be back!

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