Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Attack On HED-GP

Yesterday we had an early form up to attack HED-GP along with WN. and friends. We put our standard Abaddon, T3, and Guardian fleet together with numbers just over 100. I managed to get some guns for an Abaddon (I can't use the T2 guns they were up on contract with yet) so that I could get in on some kill mails. Now I will preface this with the fact that I had been having a bad week thus far in deaths. I had lost 10 ships and I think 8 pods. I even was spoken to about the fact that I was leading the alliance in deaths for the month.

For this op I made certain that I would do everything in my power to be on as many kill mails as I could. As we were preparing to undock in GN7 the call was finally made to rush to the titan that lay in wait for us to jump bridge into HED. Well we didn't have to wait long as the fighting had already begun so off we jumped. When we landed on the other side of the cyno we were at a ping above the engagement that was happening below between WN./Red Alliance and -a-/friends. We immediately warped into the fray and began to go to work. 

Methodically, and almost perfectly, we started to take down 'geddon after 'geddon. Their logistics simple could not keep up with the additional pressure we were putting on them. Now I had learned a new trick about the overview which sped up my client tremendously and the locking times were almost normal even though there were 1000+ people in local and close to 500 on field by that time. I was keeping up with the primary and secondary targets and managed to get a couple of volleys off on each of them in succession. Soon the -a- gang decided they had enough and warped off field after popping some of our bubblers. But just then an AHAC gang warped in close to us and became our next prey on this eventful day. 

This gang had a fair number of logistics combined with many Zealots, Vagas, Muninns and Deimos. We began to ping pong targets between HACs and Guardians from the other gang. Nothing was withstanding the amount of damage we were putting out. Now because they warped in close and our bubblers happened to put up some phenomenal bubbles we ended up decimating the AHAC gang. They took heavy losses and most of the Guardians that were on field were wiped out. 

Soon they managed to escape with the heavy losses and we began to loot the field. We then were informed to set the starbase password on our ships. We warped to a ping and landed in the enemies POS. It seems we had a spy on the other side that informed us of the password. Upon landing we set out to trying to bumped out the wounded enemy fleet from the POS and succeeded in getting a few stragglers in bubbles as well. We followed them to another POS and attempted to try to bump them out again. 

After about 30 minutes of this it looked like they were going to be warping off to the station to dock up. We were told to align station and be ready to warp to 20km off. This was curious, but I did as told. When they warped we were told it was to a ping that was directly on top of the station, like literally on the top of it. Well it seems this was actually a trap and those that could not immediately dock up were bombed by more than 30 bombers. I have never seen so many BS explosions at once before. 

We then warped around catching stragglers for a while until we finally were ordered to land at a POS that was coming out of reinforcement. After landing we sat there for a bit and our Super caps were called to jumpin. Well it seemed that WN. already had this idea as they had Titans on field from the earlier engagement and also warped in a shit ton of mother ships. There must have been at least 60 super cap ships on field when the POS was obliterated. We then warped to a safe and began to prepare to leave. I took this screen shot at the time and think it is quite cool with the caps and Abaddons in the background.

Later in the day we went back to an uneventful POS bash where we took down 4 more POS's and a ton of modules. I later that evening went on a couple of roams with my Slicer. On these roams I was very cautious and actually managed to rack up a bunch more kills. All in all I turned the week around and broke 100+ kills for the month already. I look forward to some more epic engagements and more successful roams. I have also managed to buy a Devoter as well so I look forward to using that in the near future too.

Here is the battle report from the HEP-GP engagement:

Once again thank you for reading.

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