Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Industrial Dust

My industrialist has been coming along nicely. I have been doing some research on what makes me money and what does not make money and I have come to realize with a spreadsheet that I was losing money in one of the markets versus just plain selling off the refined ore. So I will be more efficient with my selling now. I have also been researching getting into trading and plan on doing some investment of the mass amounts of money I have been making with my other account that is in the wormhole. Now all of this is kinda a moot point, even though I have been still doing some trading and sneaking in mining in the early morning hours due to the war dec that has been going on.

Which by the way has not been going our corps way. We have lost quite a few ships to them, except when we can put good numbers of people together in which point they would play station games. Ohh by the way, station games suck! Either way I managed to get a solo kill on my indy toon for his first ever kill. What happened is I joined up into a corp fleet as I got on and they needed bodies to come fight the war dec'ers. One of my corpies was being camped in by a Malediction and a Merlin, two frigate size hulls one being an Interceptor.

So I warp to 100km from the station in my Omen to find them outside of station. They immediately start towards me and I warp off after letting them get within 50km, landing on a safe point I had created. They happen to have warped off from station towards the celestial that I had been pointed to, which was my plan all along. This allowed my corp mate to undock his Iskur and warp to my safe. We then figured we could take them so I warped back to station and landed at zero. There was no one there, so I began to burn away from station. Well soon the Malediction landed and began to come after me. I happen to be afterburner fit with a scram and web. I deployed my 3 drones and began to aggress the ceptor. He is going down slowly when the Merlin lands, now 50km from us. I don't think the pilot in the ceptor knew to break away from me or get at range and I ended up being able to kill him before a Hurricane landed near us. In which point I abandoned my drones and warped off.

After looking at the kill mail I found that I should have shot the wreck and then warped off lol. It contained an 80m mwd, so it turns out my first and only kill was that of a 101m isk Interceptor! Not too shabby. Later on we had a decent gang and station camped them for a while. This went on for a time and we finally logged with the exception of 3 of our pilots which ended up losing 3 battleships.

Now as of today they have been quiet in highsec and that is because they managed to somehow find where our wormhole was. They have put up a POS inside and have been attacking our POS that is located within the wormhole. So I logged in last night to find one of our corpies sending me a convo as soon as I logged. He was desperately trying to get in touch with one of the leaders. It turns out that someone had been told by the bad guys that he was a spy. The other members believed them and they subsequently decided to fleet him without his knowing, have him warp to them and then they killed him. He was beside himself, or at least led me to believe that was the case. I did what I could to bring some doubt to the possibility that he was a spy, including checking his API for transactions of money. But they apparently didn't believe him and he was then kicked from the corp the next day.

And I find out late last night that the corp is going to be leaving the alliance to try to end the war. They then are going to create a completely new corp and alliance to try to start over. From what I gather the alliance we are part of seems to have been a griefer alliance and that is what caused the war. I personally think that the enemy merc corp will continue to find our players and end up war dec'ing any new corp we form, but we shall see. Only time will tell and in the mean time I plan on making some iskies through trading. Hopefully there is enough lull in wars that I can transport my goods to market and get more capital to be able to really go head first at trading.

In the next post which may be later today or tomorrow I will tell you of some epic engagements I had down in Providence this past weekend. They were a blast.

Thanks for reading.

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