Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dram Addiction

I now get why Dramiels are so expensive. They are AWESOME!!! I have been recently using my Dram that survived the big VFK battle down in Providence for a ton of non-stop fleet ops. This has been anywhere from small random roaming about the area directly attached to our deployment space down on the southern tip of Provi, to frig roams (brings back a lot of memories) and Nano shield gangs. Where I have managed to get in on just about every kill that we have gotten thanks to its speed. And wow is it a blast going 8km/s in the thing!

It also has a hell of a tank for such a small ship and I have been dual prop / shield buffer tank in mine since I bought it.Just yesterday as a matter of fact I was given a couple of opportunities to test the dps and tank out. The first engagement was me jumping in a quick fleet once I came online due to a Sleipner being on gate along with a Vaga in our "home" system. Well burnt back to gate and we only managed to kill the Vaga on the other side, which I missed out on the kill due to aggression. Ohh well. One of my corp mates and another alliance mate decided to form a fleet up and perhaps do a small roam.

We had me in my Dramiel, a cloaky probing Falcon and a Cynabal. I started off by checking one of the systems two away from "home" and while the Falcon pilot was doing some probing. When I loaded on the other side there was a Keres lying in wait. Well I immediately tackled him as he did me and I began to burn away and let my drones start to eat away from him while I used my afterburner due to the mwd being shutdown by his scram. Just then a friend of his in a Zealot lands and begins to try to catch up to us. We had already made some good range and the Keres was starting to dip into armor so he broke off. At which point I grabbed my drones and turned on the speed of the mwd to burn to a safe 300km off gate. Well I alerted my friends to the targets and I warped to and jumped back through the gate and then warped to a safe.

They didn't follow and by this time I had the Falcon in system with me so we decided to go back and see what else might have landed. When we jumped in both the Zealot and Keres were still there. We decided to take them on and we broke cloak and I immediately went after the Zealot and attempted to get in under his guns with a 500 orbit. He managed to get a couple of pot shots off on me which took me to ~20% shield but once in under his tracking his dps fell considerably. I disrupted him and put my drones on the Keres while working on the Zealot with my guns and the help of the Falcon who had jammed him and was trying to get point on the Keres. Well the Zealot was going deep into armor and was almost to structure when he all of a sudden warped off. The Keres being out of scram ranged also bugged off. I was puzzled as to what had happened until I realized that I had gotten jammed myself and lost point without realizing it. Well holy fail! Ohh well it had proven to me some of the power of the Dram.

Later on we put a Nano shield gang together and went roaming down the bottom pipe of Provi. We managed to get a Drake along the way before a large CVA gang was found to be jumping in from Mishaba so we jumped to the next system and burnt up from the gate and then warped to a ping. Well apparently someone was on the phone and didn't hear the order so we lost a Rapier on the gate. We managed to avoid this gang for a little bit but then found word that it was between us and our home system. The orders from the FC were for one of the Dram's to jump into the next system and get eyes. So I jumped in and found them jumping into system with their scout on gate. I quickly burnt away from the gate and alerted our fleet to their intentions. They warped around in the previous system and the enemy fleet actually came back through the system I was in and warped to the next system towards "home".

The FC then needed eyes in the next system and I volunteered again. This time when I loaded the entire fleet was right on top of me. I held my cloak long enough for my session timer to be up and I quickly tried to get to gate, but it was not to be. I was quickly locked up and alpha'd down before I could even hit the jump button. Looking back on the killmail there was a Huggin that seems to have webbed the shit outta me. No biggy, I later went 44 jumps round trip to put another one together, this time with double nano's, as I had no other ships down in Provi to play with.

That night I was part of a couple more roaming gangs a couple of which allowed me to get a few more kills on the day. But the damage of my addiction had already been started and I don't know if I can ever go back to another type of interceptor again. Only time will tell but I foresee a lot of fun in my future with this ship!

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