Monday, July 11, 2011

While The Cats Away All Hell Breaks Loose

Well I have been on vacation for the last week and a half and wow has a lot of stuff has changed. To start my Indy character is now into a Retriever and man what a difference in the amount of Ore that I can mine. It also seems that the alliance that the Indy corp that I am part of seems to have gone off the deep end and has war dec'd another alliance for some real life reasons. What this all means is that I get to watch local and make sure I don't lose my Indy ships while trying to mine up some Ore.

Ohh well, soon I will have T2  strip miners and then I will be taking a break from skilling up this character. Which brings me to the next portion of this post and that is that my long time combat / wormhole corporation will be closing its doors very soon. The decision was made to pull everyone out of the wormhole due to lack of activity and the fact one of the more active players will be gone for a couple of months. And the leadership basically has decided to liquidate all of the assets in the corp and potentially split it up between the active members. The decision on what will be done with the end isk is still being decided upon and well I was recently provided a nice token of gratitude from the corp in the form of two skill books, Captial Ships and Caldari Carrier!! I was dumbfounded with the generosity of the directors that unanimously was to gift the books to me from the corps assets. I really have to say that I appreciate the gifts and couldn't say "Thank you" enough to them. Basically we are talking about 800+ million isk worth of gift here and I really appreciated these as it saves me a ton of time of saving up.

With that let's discuss some options. Basically they came up with two options for everyone. One they made a deal with one of the alts corps from their NC.Dot corp mates down in null sec that has a wormhole corp that will accept any members of us that applied. The other option was to be able to apply to that NC.Dot corp that requires that you have internal references which I am lucky enough to have my two corp mates that have alts in the corp. This is a huge opportunity for me in my opinion. For one this certainly would get me going on my carrier skills to be able to participate in their capital ops. This also would allow me to do something that I have been wanting to be part of which is large scale warfare. So I have decided that this is the route that I will be taking initially. I at least want to apply and see where it goes from there. This may prove to be a challenge given the fact that they have a 40m skill point minimum and I am at about half of that. But they do have a stipulation that this might be able to be overlooked given the internal references that are used. So we shall see how my app goes over once my friends have spoken with the CEO of the corp.

I am really excited about this chance and I hope to be able to get accepted so that I can have some mad PvP fun in the large fleets that NC.Dot has been known to field. This means I will also be training for a heavy interedictor as well so that I have a chance to get in on some of the cap fleets that require the HIC's, something I was on the fence about but really wanted to do as well.

So this means that my blog may get very busy very quickly. Now I still have the other wormhole corp to fall back on as well and I would expect more activity given the size of that corp too. I have some good things going for me they will just be in different spots within the game and I look forward to the future right now.

One final thing I have started to work on is the amount of Ore that I need to mine in order to have a Chimera built by the time I can actually fly one correctly, meaning Fighters, energy skills and shield skills. I actually was given the below link to calculate the needs:

I look forward to continuing to offset my costs by using my friends cap parts BPO's and buying their BPC's that they have left so that I can get one built. However I may just continue to use the ore to continue to build the items that I currently have a market for. Will have to crunch the numbers and see how things look. I will let you know what I figure out as I go.

Thanks again for reading and a lot more to come.

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