Friday, July 22, 2011

Light The Titan Bridge! ... WTF Is Going On???

So there was an op scheduled yesterday that I planned on joining. This was a nano fleet that was going to be going through a wormhole to find some kills. So I decided to put a Curse together quickly before the roam. So I stopped my running of the Havens in our home system that I had been doing to make some iskies. Which it took me a few trips to a station 6 jumps away before I had the perfect combination of both tank and gank for them on the Sacrilege, but eventually had it.

Ok, back to the fleet. I quickly jump clone over to the staging system and began to put the Curse together. Well just then over comms it was made know that a hostile fleet was roaming through our space. they announced that they wanted to quickly put together the Hellcat (Abbadon, T3 and Guardian) fleet. So since I didn't have an Abbadon down there I grabbed a Guardian off of a contract for retarded money. Well we ended up going back to the nano shield fleet and all warped to a Titan! Well this was my first time seeing one and it was impressive. The plan was to have our scout that was following the fleet in a Rapier to drop a cyno on them and we were going to Titan bridge in. Sitting there, ready to spam right click on the Titan and the cyno is finally called to be lit and the bridge is called to be opened.


"WTF IS GOING ON??" I hear over comms. The FC begins to ask if the Titan pilot is on comms and is wondering what the F is going on. No one knows, he did mention in fleet who is alt was earlier. But no responce. Well soon someone notices that the pilot is actually in another room within the team speak server! All I could do was shake my head and think "Wow ... FAIL!". Suffice it to say the Rapier died to them.

Shortly after that we found out they were one jump from one of our cyno beacon systems. We jump to that beacon and warp to the next systems gate to find that they are landing on the other side. We quickly see them starting to jump in and start to kite away from the gate. Well they decidedly jump back through the gate.

We jump in our bigger ships and then the rest of the fleet. Only to find that they have started to burn away from the gate. We begin the chase and primaries begin to be called for. Almost immediately a Hurricane gets primaried on our side and goes down. Well it seems I was closest because next was myself. I quickly hit the shield broadcast and saw my shields go from 50% and back to 100% over and over. But it seemed like I was ok, so I burnt back towards our Scimitars so all of them could reach me. Meanwhile we started taking down the closest targets and were able to melt a Drake and a Lachesis. The enemy fleet warped off while we had two more Drakes tackled and we quickly took them down. We chased the other fleet on the way back towards our staging system and had a HIC ready and waiting for them. But they ended up making a change in course and safed up. "GF's" were had in local and we decided to go on our regularly scheduled roam.

This was through a wormhole that lead over into Esoteria and right into a nest of carebear's that were doing Sanctums and Havens by the dozens. In the system that we popped out into we were able to get a Paladin kill, that unfortunately was meta-4 fail fit. We hit quite a few other systems and came out with a hand full of kills which included a faction fit Nightmare worth 2 billion iskies! It was a great kill and is currently the highest ship kill for the week. They planned on going out again but I had things to do before ending the night up. So I missed a few more kills.

Ohh well it was a fun night and I look forward to using the Curse some more and can't wait to get to use the Guardian in a fleet. In the next post I will let you know the cool news about my Indy toon and what has happened with him.

Thanks for reading.

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