Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Official

Well I have been given the opportunity to participate in some of the bigger engagements in the game now as I was accepted to the corp that I applied to. So far they are a great bunch of guys, very helpful and they definitely have a good grasp on the game, so I look forward to flying with them. Since yesterday I was able to get an Interceptor down in our staging area and was lucky enough to join two roams already.

The first roam I joined up with as they were on the roam and they went through a WH that landed us in Syndicate space. Well we roamed around for a good 45minutes to an hour with no luck of finding anything. So we took the more direct route back which took us through 2 jumps of Gallente hisec space. I am not liked by the Gallente NPC's, so I was lucky enough to be in a fast ship and made it through easily, as did the others that had security issues.

Well as we were making our way through low sec back into the safety of null sec we found that someone was following us. Well we waited for them at an "In" gate in which we left a rear scout to let us know what was coming. Well even though he saw the scout he jumped into us anyway. This poor Drake had no chance, although he did fire a couple of shots at me he melted pretty quickly. This turned out to be our only kill on the roam but at least we got one.

Later another roam popped up that needed people and once again I took the ceptor out. This time I was the forward scout for the main fleet. We had about 40 strong mixed with nano'd cruisers through battleships, which included a couple Machariels. The trip to our destination was fairly uneventful. We got into the system right before VFK where we found a dozen or so orange tags but no real numbers of Goons. So we sat on the gate and setup our strategy. Meanwhile we had a scout inside VFK on the gate and he was letting us know that massive amounts of people we landing. He counted approximately 40 Maelstroms and fair number of smaller support ships. At this time we found that there were more targets in YAO so we quickly got into that system. Warping off before the alpha fleet jumped in on us.

Once in YAO we quickly sat off of a gate with our strategy ready to go. Soon the Goons entered system and the population spiked to well over 150. Now completely outnumbered the ceptors were ordered to scout the gates. I went to the first one to find them warping off to another. I followed and landed 100km from the gate. Bubbles were being put up all over the gate and there were about 60-70 at zero on the gate. I immediately reported back and aligned to the star and started to MWD off. A host of smaller ships broke off from the main enemy fleet and began to burn out towards me. I was able to keep range on most of them and when one got to within 70km I decided I would change directions and keep eyes on the fleet as long as I could. This was my downfall, as just then a Dramiel warped to the Stilletto that was now 60K away and burnt to to me in a blink of an eye at 8km/s+ and tackled me. It wasn't long until a handful of people we on me and I went down. The rest of the fleet was beginning to get chased around and we suffered about 8-10 losses out of the engagement.

Ohh well I look forward to be able to fly the Malediction more often in more fleets. I have also brought down some Vengeances, Zealots and a Sacrilege that I will be using to do ratting in the area. The tank on the thing is insane and I really like what they have done with the model now, so I am looking forward to flying it and perhaps taking on some Havens and joining corp mates in Sanctums as well.

Meanwhile in the wormhole with my mim alt I was able to get into the wormhole this past weekend. And was able to run a site with my new corp mates. We had a whopping 15 ships in our fleet and melted the shit out of the sleepers. I look forward to some pvp and more sites with my new friends there as well in the near future. I am still on par to train for the Rapier and should be working on those skills by tomorrow.

My Indy toon has been doing well, joining missioning and mining fleets to make some iskies as well. Recently a division of our corp has found a wormhole and put up a PoS in it. I have not moved my toon in as he is not ready for wormholes and one toon in is enough for me at the moment. I will continue to do my manufacturing and mining in hisec thank you very much. Speaking of which the alliance I am in has a PoS in hisec for doing research and I plan to use this. They may be shutting it down as some of the people that upkeep it are in the wormhole but I have asked that I be able to keep it fueled in order to continue to run my BPO's through. We shall see what happens with that.

More fun to come, thanks for reading.

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