Monday, July 25, 2011

Encounters Of A Laggy Kind

This weekend I got up early to participate in a large fleet of what is called the "Thunder Cat" fleet. Which consists of Tengu's, Logistics and some other support ships. I can't fly the shield ships Scimitar or Tengu so I put a Dramiel together to join up in this fleet. The gathering was pretty good for NC.Dot, with us having 40-50 in fleet.

Just after form up the FC called for all super cap alts to log in and get ready to jump. It turns out that PL was in the process of breaking out their supers from VFK and we were slated to assist. We began by titan bridging over to a mid system and then jumped into the adjacent system to VFK. We landed on gate and the call to jump in was made.

When in system it took forever for the grid to load. I was still able to move and immediately gave the fleet a ping. As the gate was heavily bubbled. Everyone was burning out when a decent sized Maelstrom fleet landed and a small skirmish began. Just then we found that the fight was taking place at a pos and a warp in was made. We all warped to that point and more laggy grid issues occurred. At this point in time there were about 600 people in system.

This particular pos had the cyno jammer located at it. We began to kill off some of the BS fleet that was located on the pos that was in the middle of fighting PL's Abaddon fleet. We all had to log out and back in at one point to get grids to load but we were finally able to target the cyno jammer and the fleet began to take it down. Meanwhile we had our supers ready to jump in once it was taken down. Also on the field were Goons supers with a couple actually being outside of the enemy pos. Since I was in a quick ship I began to work on some of the smaller ships and killed a bubbler (Sabre) solo as well as locked down an Ishtar for a bomber to kill.

As the cyno jammer went down we jumped in our supers and it was then called out by the FC to point an Avatar Titan that had bounced out of the PoS. We began to attack this as best we could as lag was terrible at this point with almost 800 people in system. The titan managed to get back inside the pos so the entire fleet changed to an Aeon that was also outside the pos. This ship didn't make it in and we managed to take him down within a few minutes. I was lucky enough to get in on the killmail for that one.

We burned down the rest of the bubbles around us as well as killed off any dictors. The entire fleet then warped out to a planet where we had a couple more enemies that quickly were killed off. It was at that time that what we had come to do was successful and we all warped to the out gate. Where our supers happened to have warped as well. Upon jumping I noticed that there were more than 1000+ people in local at that point and lag was rediculous. I pressed jump and waited there for a couple of minutes, which in the meantime an angry Maelstrom enemy fleet landed a short distance from the few of us that were left there.

I finally jumped into the next system but lag was still bad, so I did a log out and back in. This fixed most of it and I came back into a warp to the out gate. After that I was able to burn out and catch back up to the fleet. Now I have been looking forward to something like this for a while and it was interesting to contend against the lag as well as the sheer numbers of ships on grid. I really enjoyed it and I think I will see a lot more of these large engagements due to the next move by NC.Dot, which is to deploy to Providence to assist White Noise in their assault on Against All Authorities. I know providence pretty well from us roaming there a lot back when we were part of a null sec alliance in Catch so this should be a good time.

They already had an epic fight, which didn't go so well considering the huge numbers that the enemy brought to the field. I will try to keep you up to date with the different fleets that I join as well as some of the political stuff that seems to be happening down in Provi.

Meanwhile my Indy alt has gained a new title over in the corp he is part of, that is the Mining Leader. This means I plan ops and lead them. As well as pay the participants and take care of the logistics for the ore that is mined. I held our first op and it was very successful. We had 7 people show up and we depleted one roid field. In future ops I hope to get a lot more people and bring in a ton more ore. One thing that I love doing is coming up with fair ways to compensate people and my first act was to come up with a pay schedule for the members that was fair and also left some money for the corp afterwards. I think with my research into the market and calculation of approximate m3 ore mined per minute I was able to come up with something that works well. People seemed pleased with the outcome and I was too.

One problem with the mining ops currently though is that some random mercenary corp war dec'd our little Indy corp. This puts our mining ops on hold and gives me some potential pvp ops with the alt as well. I still am not sure where the dec came from, it could just be that they wanted to pick on the Indy's or that someone paid for their services. We shall find out hopefully, but if not ohh well. More on that to come I guess.

Finally the corp I am in down in null sec also has a couple of war dec's currently and we went out last night in battle cruisers to find some trouble in Jita. I took a Harbinger that I found on contract in our staging system. On the way we ran into some random neuts that wanted help in killing a Nightmare that was on station. We figured it was clearly a trap and took the bait. On the warp their we kicked the neuts and found the NM aggressed on the station with two carriers along side of him. Which seemed to have been repping him. Well we quickly gtfo and moved on to Jita. Where we used some neutral alts to get us warp ins on some WT's that were sitting outside the station. There was a Machariel, Megathron, Hurricane, and a Dramiel. We attempted to bait them off of the station with someone but they didn't bite, with the exception of the Dramiel. We landed on the bait and were not able to catch the little bastard unfortunately. We then saw an Apoc Navy and a reg Apoc undock instead of the Mega and Machariel. We decided to warp to zero on them and attack the Apoc to get one kill out of it potentially. We landed and it started to burn down, but not before both myself and one of our Hurricanes were killed. At which time the Apoc began to get reps from neuts and the attempts became futile.

So we gathered our pride and headed back to home base. Where I contracted my ships to be moved to Provi and now I have to figure out if I want to do the 44 jump trek or if I would rather pod myself down to maybe Amarr and then grab a ceptor or bomber maybe to make a run for the staging system in Provi. I dunno yet but I will let you know what I end up doing in the next post.

Thanks for reading.

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