Monday, July 18, 2011

Changes, Changes and More Changes

A status update on my application is that the CEO of the corp that I have applied to in NC.Dot has been away so there has not been any movement on my app as this time. So I have been bored with my main and have recently taken to trolling low sec in a Vengeance looking for targets at the belts. I recently found nothing so I decided I would go somewhere that I know I would find a fight, top belt in Amamake.

Well as soon as I landed there was a Jaguar 400km off and a Thrasher about 2k off from me. Well I wanted a fight so I quickly locked up and tackled the Thrasher. I knew this would be a hard fight to win but decided to overheat and give it my best shot. One thing I did wrong was to get 7.5k away in my orbit, where instead I should have gotten under 500m from him to assist in keeping his tracking off and would have led to having been able to last longer. Basically while I ate away at his shield buffer he was able to break my tank and eventually I popped. Now I posted a "gf" in local and warped my pod away. Later on I found that I was on the killmail for the Thrasher as it looks like the Jaguar warped in and finished him off. So it was win-win for me, I got my pvp fix and got a kill out of it.

Meanwhile back on the industrial character I found a new corp that is a larger and more active corp. Within a few hours of joining them I was able to join both a missioning op (as the salvager) and a mining op. One thing that I am disappointed with is that there are less 5% and 10% asteroids in the system that we live at but I have a lot more people to chat with and do things with. Which is part of why I play the game so this should be a lot of fun at this point. I also happened to have dragged along one of the other corp mates from the first Indy corp into this new one as well. It kinda sucks for the guy that was trying to build his numbers but I needed something more active now, not later on. This corp is established and has dedicated goals which were things I was looking for.

I also have been toying with the idea of doing some hisec exploration with the Navy Omen on my Indy toon or I may put together a Sacrilege with my main to do them. I am still up in the air on what I will do and which toon to do it with. It really depends on if I get accepted to the null sec corp as to which I do I think at this point. I definitely want to play with exploration a little to try to add more money to the playing game fund.

Also my wife gave me permission to pay for an account recently. So I have decided to activate my third account, the Mimintar character. And have decided to add her to the wormhole corp that we merged the old corp with (which by the way provided more than 650m isk of dividends recently to its share holders). I have gotten the scanning skills taken care of on this toon thanks to the free skill points that we were awarded a while back. I also have a few support skills to train to be able to fit the Maelstrom shield buffer fit I plan to fly in the C6 wormhole. I also have fit out a scanning Probe ship and a rupture for pvp. Now this toon was wide open for skills and I have asked the CEO of the new wh corp about what would work best to fit into their needs. What I have come up with for a path is to train for a Rapier > Broadsword > Scimitar > Loki, in that order with full T2 gun skills mixed in as well. The Rapier looks like a very fun ship to fly and I hope it turns out to be as fun as the Pilgrim has been for me. We shall see.

So while I await possibly more changes to come I think I am getting myself setup to make some iskies in the C6 and with the Indy toon, which I have a pretty good base of sales already with the markets that I am in. I will continue to expand on those markets and I also have learned that the alliance for this new Indy corp has a hisec pos that I might be able to use for research on my blueprints. If so I have just been able to make even more money with research of ME and PE on the blueprint originals so that I can sell BPC's as well as keep my costs much lower on making the items themselves from the minerals that I mine. Although I am starting to think it may be better to just sell the raw materials to the corp and keep my industry foot print on a small scale of just salvaging as well as mining. As salvaging recently has raked in over 50m in just one days work and that was splitting the loot with someone.  Hell I may justt make salvaging into a small business in the game as well. This combined with the possible money from the wormhole could very well pay for my pvp fix on my main as well as pay for the account itself. That is the end hope that I have and I look forward to trying to make this a reality.

Either way I really hope my app is accepted as I am really looking forward to being in on some bigger gangs and engagements as Deklein is continually being sieged by NC.Dot and friends. The future is promising and I will let you know as I have more and more run ins with both my pvp stuff as well as the newer parts of Eve that I am exploring.

Thanks once again for reading.

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