Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Selling Shiz And Making The Iskies

Ok so I made my first sales with some of the stuff I have been making from the mining I have been trying out. I made a good 6mil in sales out of not too much work. So this doesn't seem  like a lot but I am really excited at this because it proves I can make decent isk with the little work it will take once I have better mining, refining and manufacturing skills. Which by the way I have narrowed down to a 27 day plan that will make me fairly efficient at making some smaller stuff. If I want to really get into industry then I will have laid the ground work for later on to be able to invent off of BPO's and to make T2 equipment. I have realized that I miss training up my main for combat skills and want to get back into that within a reasonable amount of time and I think 1.5 months of training on the Indy character will get my feet wet enough that I can supplement some of my income.

Speaking of income, I did my first ever mining op with Orca support yesterday. It was a small op and I suggested it once we had 5 people logged in. I brought out my Arbi and the m3 that it produced was determined to be that of about 1/4 a T1 decently skills Retriever so I made a little bit of income off of the op. But it was cool to be able to chit chat with my corp mates and learn a little about them, which is part of the reason I play the game in the first place which is the people. I enjoy doing things as a team and we certainly put a dent in the asteroid belt and almost cleaned it out before finally calling it quits.

While doing this op I found that it gave me time to think about my manufacturing and where I wanted to be with the char. So I came up with the training plan that will take the 27 days to complete to get me back to training the main. This also gave me time to fiddle away my money on SOMER Blink. A neat little in game isk sink that is fun to kill time with. Basically you buy tickets against ships, modules and skill books that cost isk that you have in an account. Then a random winner is selected and then has the option of taking the ship, an isk buy out or putting it back into your account with a small % bonus. Well I started out with 10m in my account and was doing small blinks. I eventually got to over 105m isk and started larger blinks. At some point I accidentally chose a higher bid with low funds and tapped out my account. Ohh well all I really lost was the 10m and some winnings on top of that. I will play some more to pass the time I am sure.

If this Indy thing works out and I can supplement my income well enough I should be able to reactivate my third account and start doing lvl 4's with that character again. But that is probably not for another month or so to get myself established in a couple of markets around the universe.

Back in the wormhole we did a couple more CA's to make some iskies and unfortunately we have had holes that have been inactive recently. Ohh well I have plans to start doing some low sec and null sec roaming with Vengeances as I have read a blog that someone does well with them in and takes on bigger ships to boot. But that will be something in the future there as well. At this point we still have plans on staying in the wormhole for at least another month and then may pull out due to one of our main Basi pilots leaving the wormhole due to being offline for a month or more. We shall see how things work out there but until that time I will continue to hunt targets down and make the iskies in CA's with my friends and corp mates.

Until next time! Thanks for reading.

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