Monday, June 6, 2011

Death Of An Orca

So if I were to ask you how long you would wait for an Orca kill, what would be your answer? 20 minutes? 30? an hour? Well my corp and I seem to be willing to wait hours lol. I will start with some other information before getting into the Orca kill. Ohh hell why not just get into it.

So while working on a route we ran into some active players that were trying to close one of the holes. So we decided to go back and close the cave hole in our home system with our own Orca. Well it just so happens that we were able to close the hole out. While starting to scan for a new route we decided to check the K C5 hole that had also spawned in our home hole.  One of my corp mates went into the C5 in his cloaky Arazu. He happened to find an Orca and a Obelisk on scan at a POS. The Obelisk pilot jumped in a Buzzard and shortly after both of the ships warped away and disappeared.

This gave us an opportunity to get my Pilgrim in the hole and a couple other ships (a Hyperion and a Tengu) on our side of the C5 hole ready to jump in. Soon the Buzzard came back in and it gave the Arazu pilot, who had combat scanner probes out, time to find a location on the K hole within their C5. So the Arazu and myself sat cloaked off the hole for about an hour waiting. Just then the entire game cluster went offline. We both started warping to a far away planet before the drop to see if we could be out of scan range of the Buzzard pilot when we came back online. Well it seems to have worked because he simply sat in his POS after the 25 minutes of downtime going about his onlining of modules business. We even had one time where I became uncloaked because I got close to the signature of the hole but not the hole itself. This is an invisible area in space that I was not aware of until now. So I won't be orbiting the hole at 7.5k anytime soon again.

So we sat in waiting, and waited and waited another 30 or so minutes, with no signs of the Orca. So at that time I had to walk my dog. I took the pup for a decent walk around the neighborhood that took about 20 minutes. When I got back I found that my friends had tackled the Orca pilot on the hole and he jumped back through, locking him from jumping through another hole for 3 minutes. His shields were going down quickly and I was warping my ass off to get in on the kill. Well I managed to get there just as they had him at ~10% structure and got a scram on him to get in on the kill. I also was able to get in on the pod death as well. It seems he was offering in local a ransom of 100mil isk. Turns out the ship was worth 800mil since he had about 200m in isotopes in it. This brought our kill board positive for the week so it was a good kill for us.

I noticed on the kill board that a couple more industrials were taken down by one of my other corp mates a little later on. All in all this was a good pvp day for us and goes to show that it pays to wait when hunting, lol.

As for the other information this weekend was our first op for sites. It seems that the C4 sites are a lot easier than we anticipated and we killed them quite quickly. Well I have found that even though the Legion has a bonus to optimal range the pulse lasers were not cutting it in the site due to the range at which most of the BS's and BC's stayed. So I have started training for T2 beams which will take a day for me to complete. What really sucks is that this cuts about 130+ dps off my ship making it "OK" for running sites. Either way I will still be contributing and it is the best option I have right now for a C4, unless I want to go back to a Raven or CNR. Which we are trying to stick with all T3's to keep the hole from being disturbed during our farming runs. I will have level V offensive systems in the next 4 days and will work on surgical strike as well to boost my dps on the ship. I should be able to make up another 75 dps or more with some skill boosts. I will let you know how things look as I progress my skills but I at least bring some pain when dps'ing and I have a decent tank. Not too mention the ship is pretty cool looking and I still have the pulses in case of a pvp need.

Ohh well as I have more ops and pvp opportunities this week I will let you all know of the antics of the corp. All in all I am reenergized with being back in the wormhole and I think I am definitely done with null sec in the small scale for the foreseeable future due to there being not enough OOMPH behind having half carebears and small turn outs for Sov wars. If we ever do go back I fully expect to look for a large Alliance so that there is more to do, more pvp ops and better chances at achieving the alliances goals. Not to mention actually having goals and not just flying from the hip every other day like the last alliance.

More to come and thanks again for reading.

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