Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Old Friends And Wormholes

Well this great big world of Eve is not always so big it seems. I say this now after what happened last night. Once logged in I found out that we had a low sec route. Now keep in mind yesterday was a big patch that added walking in stations to the game. Now I had already seen this on the test realm so I was not that excited about it. Given that I decided to go hunting for some targets. So I began to do some warping around and scanning in the wormholes that lead up to the low sec.

I found nothing in the holes and proceeded to go out into the low sec. When I did my dscan there I found some scanner probes and a Ibis on scan. Soon there were other ships and I found that there were about 10 people in system over all. I decided to stalk around the belts looking for ratters. I even went a few systems over looking for people. I found a few mission runners along with some carriers but nothing that was killable or findable with just core scan probes. So back to the low sec that was our exit I went.

Well when I got to the low sec system that held the exit hole I found that there were a couple of Tengu's on scan (both with the owners name in the name of the ship, a classic nub move) and some combat scanners showing up on scan. Well I hung around the exit hole for a little while in hopes one of the Tengu's would find the hole and come to investigate. I did notice that there were some mission wrecks on scan as well but thought nothing of it at the time. I noticed some other ships and people coming in and out of the system, and now that I think of it I did happen to see a Purifier, a Cruor and a couple of carriers. Well the two Tengu's disappeared off scan but one went off scan while I was away from the hole. I decided to make a run back through the route on a whim just to see if a Tengu had ventured into the hole.

When I got in the hole I found 4 core scanner probes on scan. This perked my adrenaline and I immediately decided to keep a look out for anything. Well the probes didn't move for quite some time. So I decided I would take a run through the route back to our home hole. I jumped out of the C3 that the low sec attached to into the adjacent C4. Dscan showed a Purifier on scan, so I held my cloak. Well wouldn't you know it, the ship landed on the hole I was at. I quickly decloaked from the jump and tried to target him. "Target is invulnerable" was what I got. Well I assumed this meant he had jumped through the hole so I quickly jumped through, decloaked and deployed drones in an attempt to decloak him. I orbited for a few minutes and figured he had warped off or actually cloaked up on the other side of the hole. So I waited and waited some more. Nothing. I had missed my opportunity. I decided to head back to our home hole and look around.

I took a short break and was still hungry for a kill. So I went back out through the holes towards the low sec. Just as I was about to jump out into the low sec I received a conversation invite from someone. Curious and thinking it was the cloaked up Purifier pilot I accepted. Well it was him. We had a good chat about how I almost caught him and that he had left his probes in space in the other wormhole. He explained that he was now stuck and assumed I was lying in wait for him. Well I was, sort of. I actually wanted some bigger fish out in low sec but I decided the convo was fun as well at the time. We continued to chat and I was looking over his corp and his information. Well what do you know it was a corp that was part of Amarr Faction Warfare, something I used to be part of. So I brought this up and explained that some of my old corp mates had actually joined his corp at one point. I couldn't remember all that had joined but rattled off a name or two.

Now this is when I decided I would just help him out and explained I could give him the exit hole if he wanted. Naturally he assumed I was after a kill mail and well I was. But I was actually planning on letting him go since he was in FW and I knew some people in his corp. Well as we are talking one of my old FW corps CEO's pipes up in their old public chat asking if I was hunting. I thought this was curious so I checked his corp, well holy shit he was part of the same corp as the mysterious Purifier pilot. Now how funny was this situation. It turns out that he was on his way to the wormhole in an Ishtar to scare off the mean old hunter (me). Hah! What a small world we fly in! Hell I even fleeted him and gave him the hole entrance.

Well come additional fun conversation continued on and eventually we decided to blue one another on a temp basis for the night given my history with the one pilot. So I asked that the alliance/corp blue their corp and it was granted. Luckily because one of my other corpmates that had been drinking and was quite drunk jumped on comms and logged in at that time. He decided it would be a good idea to come back to the wormhole and jumped into the C3. I hear over comms "OHH SHIT AN ISHTAR!!!", well the Ishtar was sitting on the hole. In his drunken stupor he would have been destroyed easily. Well the blue status had gone through and he was able to continue on about his merry drunken way. The rest of the night was fairly quiet at that point and soon I said my goodbyes and logged.

So yeah, what a small world Eve really is. In the next post I think I will speak more on my toon skill ADHD! I just can't keep with my skill path for some reason as there are so many fun things to fly in Eve. At least this time I am just going to add some stuff to the middle of my plan and keep the rest of it the same I think. But I will discuss that next time.

Thanks again for reading.

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