Monday, June 27, 2011

Ohh You Sneaky Bastards

Meanwhile back in the wormhole on my main we had a very productive weekend both isk wise and pvp. First we had a very active cave hole that I jumped in with one of my corp mates who was in an Arazu. I warped to the location of the other corps PoS and found quite a few of actives there, including multiple T3's and BC's. We decided it was best to leave the bees nest alone and went back to whome and watched the hole. Well soon a cloaky Tengu entered into our hole and cloaked up. Apparently they also had someone watching the other side of the hole because we started talking in local and they knew our ship types. Well we started seeing battleships jumping in and then out again. Figuring they were closing the hole we just trolled them in local and they finally confirmed that they were closing it due to them planning on running sites and us being cloaky. Soon an Orca jumped in and they gave "our scout" on the other side time to jump back through. Well we laughed at this and waited them out until they finally closed the hole. Too bad we didn't have numbers and combat ships to contend with them as that would have been a fun engagement. Maybe next time.

The next night we actually got a fair number of people online and had 11 CA's in whome! So after scouting the cave we found no actives so we decided to do the CA's and ended up doing them all. Overall from the day I probably made close to 130mil isk in a short period of time. So it was a good day for the corp and the members.

Later that night I was on my alt mining and one of my wh corp mates decided he wanted to find some targets and closed the cave hole. Well he found some actives so I switched over to the main and jumped in with him into the cave. At the time we had 3 people on, with a 4'th on comms. When I got to their PoS we found two Drakes and a Cynabal there. They were all active it looked like and we decided to wait it out as the Cynabal would be trouble for cloaky ships. We waited a fair amount of time and just then the Cynabal and his obvious alt in a Buzzard logged off. At which time a 3'rd toon landed in another Drake. Well we watched as two Drakes warped off to what looked to be a wormhole location. The third Drake pilot changed into a catalyst and also warped that direction. We took this as our chance to ambush them. So we probed the hole down quickly and got the cloaky ships in position with a Hyperion on the other side of the cave hole in whome. Soon the catalyst pilot came back through and logged off. Leaving just two Drakes alone in the adjacent wormhole.

We devised a plan to have the Arazu pilot decloak and tackle one, in hopes that it would draw the Drakes away from the wormhole with his sensor damps so that we could then hopefully ambush them both and get a couple of kills out of it. Well one Drake pilot came back and warped away. During which time the Arazu had decloaked but was not able to get tackle. We thought our plan had been foiled with the Arazu being seen but it turned out that the pilot had not noticed him. Instead he switched to a salvaging ship and went back in the wormhole in his Cormorant. So we waited while they were salvaging, but nothing happened and no new wrecks were being created. So our cloaky Tengu decided to use combat scanners to scare them into coming back to the wormhole. This also had no affect, so he just scanned them down instead. He warped in and landed on the Drake, at which time he took point. I jumped in second and warped to him as he may not have been able to tank the Drakes dps. I landed and took point as well and began to neut and web the prey. Meanwhile the other pilot had gotten away in the Cormorant.

We began our onslaught with just the two of us to start, while the other two made their way into the wormhole. The Drake quickly realized that I was neuting him and I am sure he figured I had less tank then the Tengu because he launched his two drones and began to attack me. Well knowing how well my Pilgrim tanked the last engagement with it I held steady and continued to bash him with my neuts and drones. We even killed off his drones. He managed to get me to about 80% armor by the time our friends arrived while he was into ~20% shield. It was not long after the Hyperion and Arazu landed that he started going down quickly. Well before the ship blew up the pilot ejected and warped off.  We finished the Drake quickly, the others went off in pursuit of the capsule. They got to the wormhole, jumped through and realized that he had not jumped through. Just then a Heron landed on the hole. They locked him up and he seemed to not know which direction to go at that point and tried turning back around. Well that spelled his demise and his ship was soon space dust. Now before it went down the Arazu pilot dropped point and was ready to tackle the pod. He got it so they were able to get another two kills.

Meanwhile I stayed back in the wormhole and gathered my corp mates drones that he had left. Soon the other pilot that was now in a pod and seemed to be stuck in the C3 wormhole with me logged off. Now this is where it becomes funny as he clearly didn't understand that your character stays logged in 15 minutes after getting aggression. So we got out the combat probes and scanned him down. We all got point on his pod and finished him off with the Hype. We sent him an evemail with the killboard kill as well as the explanation of the mechanics so he knows in the future.

So over all I made some good iskies, got to test the Pilgrim's tank out once again (ohh by the way I was top dmg over the Tengu) and had some good fun being sneaky in the wormhole. One thing I know is that you always have to be on the look out in wormholes and scanning constantly really is a priority as the second Drake pilot should have figured out.

Alright, until next time! Thanks again for reading.

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