Thursday, June 16, 2011

Missed Proteus Opportunities

I log in the other night and one of my corp mates had just finished scanning down a low sec route. So I decided to go out and camp the gates in the Pilgrim in case I had a chance to snag something easy and then warp off. I was only in system for about 20 minutes when an Iteron IV came through (an industrial hauler) and I missed it because I was busy chatting, lol. Ohh well.

I continued to move around and soon had a Harbinger on scan. It had to be at a PoS or one of the belts so I started looking around. Just then my corp mate who was sitting on the inside of the low sec worm hole blurted out on comms that he had a Buzzard and Proteus on scan with probes being dropped. There were two sets of probes, core and combat. The core probes were near the hole he was sitting on so we decided to set a trap. I warped to the low sec side of the worm hole and sat there uncloaked.

It wasn't long before the Proteus landed on the hole and was about to jump. Now this is where we made a big mistake in that we were going to engage him on the low sec side. So he jumped through and decloaked right away. He actually aggressed me and began to hammer at my shields and armor. My corp mate followed him through the hole and started locking him up. Meanwhile I began to neut, tracking disrupt, web and scram him all the while tanking his damage to the point that I was half in armor. Soon we started to widdle his shield down and I assume I must have capped him out because he stopped firing.

All of a sudden he jumped through the hole. I pulled drones and jumped through after him. I decloaked quickly and saw him. I began to approach him and then he cloaked back up!!! Well I used my Interceptor trick of hitting CTRL-ALT-Space to go to max speed in an attempt to decloak him but he was gone. Well damn we lost our chance at a Proteus kill. We continued to stalk the holes in that worm hole but we did not know what kind of backup he may have on the other side of the C5 hole that was open. So after another 30 minutes of frustrated waiting we decided to call it a night.

Now in hind sight I realized that what we should have done is that I should have aggressed him on the low sec side and then jumped through the hole. Then re-engage him on the inside of the hole. What this would have done is given him a 3 minute timer that would have prevented him from being able to jump through the hole again while we killed him. So lesson learned but it was still adrenaline filled and fun. Ohh well next time we will have the Proteus on our kill board!

In the meantime we have been running CA's as well as Ladars in our home hole and the cave to make some "OK" money. So what I have decided to do is to pause training on my main for a bit and started leveling up one of my other alts on the account in skills to run lvl 1-3's. I have also decided to continue skilling him up to be able to create capital parts in industrial skills.

The reason behind this is three fold. Firstly this gives me something to do outside of the C4 wormhole that I can do solo when people are not online and when I can't stand doing a gas site. Next it allows me to get into something new in the game to make a little money with the production. I also am toying with the idea of my own PoS for production or joining one of my corp mates alts corp that is all industrialists. This also gives me a cheaper way of getting the capital parts for my Chimera once I can fly it properly on my main. Which is a ways away so that is why I am not worried about taking the small break in training right now.

As I learn more about this I will keep you informed to the information that I find along the way. For instance there is a decent guide for science and industry found here. I am kinda excited to get into this other part of Eve as it will be a new experience.

Thanks for reading.

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