Friday, June 3, 2011

Back To Our Roots

So after many weeks of null sec, sov wars and ultimately getting camped in due to lack of planning by the alliance we have made our way back into a C4 wormhole. We decided to go with a C4 that has a static C4. This allows us the ability to have a smaller presence in the wormhole as compared to what was needed in the C6 last time. We have a smaller tower and a lot less assets.

We are still going to be using Basilisks for logistics so we are shield tanking. We have decided to try to get as many T3's in this time as possible due to the smaller hole sizes so that we can farm the static C4. Since I am all Amarr I plugged in all of the skills to fly a Legion. A very cool looking ship with a lot of good pvp abilities due to its bonuses to armor tanking. The only problem is we are shield tanking. So I went to work bastardizing the poor thing to come up with a fit that works. Well it is not the way the ship was meant to work but I was able to get the best dps from it while having a 63,000+ effective hp tank and very nice resists. As much flak as I am sure I would take from the Eve community for using it with shields I look forward to flying it.

I am quite excited as this is a cool ship and is my first T3. And I love doing wormhole ops as they are more dynamic and hold your attention because of the aggro switching, neuting and repping that the sleeper drones do. Tomorrow we should be back into the wormhole with our T3's and salvagers so that we can start doing ops.

I just remembered some other interesting stuff that happened last night. While putting up the tower in the wormhole and setting up the rest of the mods we decided to check the adjacent C4 static hole that we will call the "Cave" from now on for life to potentially have some pvp with. Well when we got in a couple of ships were on scan. Our prober probed them down and well what do you know it was an abandoned bunch of arrays and a ton of small scanning ships. Well I immediately blew up all of the t1 ships as I needed to take my aggression out on something after all!! LOL. But what we did find was some guns, and some arrays including an XLarge Ship Assembly array. This was a nice find and on our first night in the wormhole we have already started looting other peoples crap.

Either way the wormhole has brought new life into my Eve experiences. I learned a lot in my time in null and I found that Sov wars in a smaller alliance is just not fun. It is like trying to stop a mack truck with your bare hands and a rope, soooooo not going to happen. I did get more confidence in my FC'ing skills and will be taking fleets out of the wormhole and into null and low sec for more pvp fun. I plan on running my frigate fleet, maybe as soon as this weekend. We shall see how things play out and how our route looks.

More to come. Thanks for reading.

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