Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So Much Stuff

So once again I post about the failure of our new alliance that we have joined. Currently they have once again made a mistake about trying to take Sov, only to piss off the same big alliance and get kicked out of the one station they were holding Sov in. This means they are going back to their "roots" in NPC null sec space.

Well in the meantime they also were selected for the Alliance Tournament that CCP is holding. I was lucky enough to have been able to participate in the training of our pilots by practicing on the test server. What was nice was that we could field many different looks against the fleet that was going to be used in the tournament. What's nice is everything costs 100 isk on the test server and is seeded so that we could fit just about anything. While practicing I had a chance to do some 1v1's with a corp mate and alliance mates. I was able to test my Armageddon fits, my curse and Nightmare fits that I had been wanted to play around with. The curse fit worked out really well 1v1 against another curse. I also learned some valuable lessons in positioning and kiting. I look forward to playing the Curse and Pilgrim more so on the real server.

Now on to what our personal corp has decided to do now that the dust has settled a little bit. It seems a lot of us miss the money of WH life and we have now decided to move back into a WH at this point. It looks like we will be moving into a C4 wormhole that is on the edge of hard for wormholes in difficulty. This means that we will need to at least do remote rep gangs or have a logistics to really burn through them. I have already decided that I will be selling my PVE Nightmare and be purchasing the ship I will be using in the C4 sites. I plan on taking in my Pilgrim, a SB, a scanning ship and the PVE ship that I will be doing sites with. Perhaps also a Noctis for cleaning up wrecks within the sites after we clear them, which is where the real money is.

Either way I look forward to being back in the wormhole but I do plan on running PVP ops that take us out into null sec space in the future as well. I would like to run Armor HAC/Recon gangs, shield / logi gangs and the ever popular frigate gang that I had ran so many times before. Hopefully the other corp that has been along side us for a while will also venture into the WH so that we can put together good sized gangs for both PVE and PVP in the very near future. Time will only tell but hopefully I am able to start doing more in the game now and will be able to write more about it as well for all of my followers.

I do have more now actually as I think about it. I have to decide what type of ship to run for the sites. I am very enticed by the Legion which is only 4 days away from being trained to level 4. But what this ship does not have is that of a good shield tank which is what we will be running again. I have been playing around in EFT some and with some updates in my missile skills I could have a psuedo Tengu wanna be Legion with 60k ehp and 500 dps. Which should be enough for a C4 with a RR gang and especially with Logi support. It makes me sad to think that I could have my own Logi support had I not had to sell my alt. But I plan on having some good PVP fights in the WHs now that I have an array of better skills.

This also brings up a conundrum of whether or not to continue down the path of a carrier at this point. Being in a C4 there will be no need for the Capitals that I know of, unless we can still do escalations. If that is the case then I can certainly continue down that path. If not then I may want to look to cross train into a Tengu and more Caldari ships to broaden my boat skills some. I may even want to cross train into Minmatar at this point to be able to get the cross-skill ships. I could also build up my support skills for both gunnery, missiles and tanking skills too instead. I really need to sit down and build out a path for both. I know in my current set of skill plan I have Marauders and Black Ops ships queued after the carrier and I may want to move those up a notch as well.

So once again I have some major decisions to make that may delay the carrier once again but may turn out to be better in the short term for my over all skills. I will keep you in the know as I make more decisions on this.

Thanks once again for reading.

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