Monday, June 27, 2011

The Beginnings Of A Carebear

So I have been doing a lot of stuff in the game recently. I will start off with my alt in this post and post the antics of my wormhole corp and main in another post later on. To start I have joined an Industrial corporation with which I plan on making some salary by participating in their ops. I have also started to do some mining. Right now because of my skill set I am using an Arbitrator and mining drones + meta mining drills. I am yielding about 250m3/min. I have discovered with some drone interfacing skills and miner II drones I will be able to yield 2-2.5 times that in the Arbi, so I am working towards that right now skills wise. I then will get into a Retriever to have a bigger cargo bay along with similar yield with strip miner I's and slightly better with T2 strip miners.

I have also decided on a market to start targetting which means I have a skill plan in place to get into inventing off of a T1 blueprint and create T2 blueprint copies so that I can make the items off of those. I also remembered that I had a bunch of T1 blueprint copies for T1 items that I have started making. Which speaking of which takes a lot of Tritanium. Which means I either need to buy it or I need to mine it. And since I had some cycles from not being in the wormhole due to low activity (will keep this for another post) I decided to do the mining.

Now because the Arbi only has 1.3km3 cargo hold with 4 expanders I have been using a jet can to keep the ore in. This has been working well and I wait until it is up to 10km3 and then I grab my hauler to move the ore to station. Well last night I was mining, and a Vigil landed on grid. Well he warped off again and soon he came back. Now I am fairly new to mining and cans and this is what ultimately got me into trouble.

What he did the next time was that he created his own can, then transferred my ore to his, taking ownership or what is called "can flipping". Now I put out combat drones and soon he flew away. So I figured I had a few seconds to grab some of my own ore and make it back to station. Well that was not true because his corpmate soon decloaked in a Loki and blew me up. This was a valuable lesson and I plan to never have this problem in the future. So in the meantime I went out and built me a new mining ship. I came back to system and saw that a couple of his corp members were still in system, but not the one that blew me up. By this time my timer had run out and I decided to grab some giant secure containers and take them out into space at a belt. Well when I got there I saw that the can was still there along with my wreck.

In the wreck was the ore I grabbed so I scooped this up. I also decided I would get the ore in the can back as well. So what I did was align to station, grab the loots and warp away right away. I then docked with my ore, so I was at least able to make up some of my time. So in the future I will be using the secure containers instead to mine into, even though that will be a pain I think it will be safer and avoid situations such as what happened.

I look forward to this new side to eve and plan on making at least a small income from the things I make in order to supplement my income from the worm hole. More to come later on.

Thanks for reading.

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