Sunday, August 7, 2011

On The Defensive

So recently I have been in a lot of different engagements. I will try to recap a few with detail but not so much that it is a pain in the ass to read. First I have been lucky enough to be part of a couple of the Abaddon/T3 gangs in my Guardian. The first engagement I joined we went to HED-GP and sat on the SV5 gate. When we jumped in WN. was already engaged in combat with -a- in HED when we jumped in.

We immediately began to orbit the gate and lock up the people that started to take immediate fire from the enemy. I dropped drones and assigned them to one of the Abaddons from my corp so that I could get some killmail whoring done. We started to see the enemy switch targets frequently and began to take a few losses, but all in all the Guardian crew did very well. There was one point our FC was primaried and we managed to keep him up even though he went into deep structure. Another pilot was broadcasting for armor and by the time I got him locked up he was in structure. I quickly overloaded my reppers and together the logi crew was able to keep him from dying at ~250 structure left. As the engagement wound down we had only taken 5 losses to the enemies ~50 some losses. Later on they went back for seconds and overall on the day there were only 35 losses to the 126 kills of the enemy. I even sumbitted a battle report to Eve News 24 which was published about this and the then two other engagements we had with RAZOR and CVA in which we took no losses. It was hella fun with the Guardian and I was lucky enough to be part of a successful op my first time out.

The next op I was in was Abaddons/T3/Guardians once again. This time we went to T-R in which the enemy brought a couple of hundred Armageddons, and the system had close to 900+ people which "desynced" everyone. The Guardian crew was keeping up with the damage for the most part and we were not losing a lot of ships, but then because of the "desync" and lag our anchor floated off into no where land about 300km off from the main fleet. We managed to drive off the invaders that day as well and had a good ratio of kills to losses.

After going on some regular roams I had a pretty bad week in which I suffered a lot of lost ships. Mostly smaller stuff but I lost a couple of Zealots as well. I decided to get an Abaddon down into GN7 so that I could participate in the kills on some of these larger fights. Luckily I did this as we come to the reason for the title of the blog, the defense of our home.

It seems we pissed off -a- and friends as they decided to go on the offensive and attack out POS in GN7. I logged on and had decided to put some nano ships together for the nano gangs that we fly up in high sec. I got them moved into the low sec station and the next time I logged in to see if people could move them we had like 200+ reds in the home system. So as the POS was going to be coming out of reinforced this weekend we had a CTA in which we all got in a massive Abaddon fleet and waited at the POS. We also happened to have our Titans logged in and waiting with us. We waited.... and waited ... and waited. We had intel of a large fleet that had jumped into a system about 4 away and then moved to HED-GP. We had reports of upwards of 260+ in that system with many battleships and support. So we waited some more and they finally arrived.

Our local exploded to almost 400 people and mostly were reds. They warped to our POS and before we could get our carriers inside the force field they took two down. We then warped off to a planet and then back to another POS we had in system. While our 5 Titans left the other POS's shield to engage the enemy fleet in which they took out a couple of battleships. We then warped to a ping from the new POS and aligned down to a cyno that we put up. The enemy warped to the cyno and we did as well. In jumped a good sized fleet of WN. and friends to help defend. The battle ensued and what a battle it was. Each side took heavy losses of battleships and it was by far the longest fight I have been in and was very fun. Even though we were fighting a larger force and defending our own space. At some point the opposing FC called my name as primary and I saw the enemy beginning to yellow box my ship. I immediately broadcast for armor but it literally was only two volleys and my 200k ehp ship was down. I managed to get my pod out and reshipped to my nano Zealot to go back out and assist on kills as the enemy began to make a break for it at that time because we had dropped another cyno and jumped in WN.'s super captials. So on field we had somewhere around 9 Titans and a handful of mother ships. Well as soon as I undocked two enemy 'Geddons landed on the station and someone put a bubble up. at this point I prob should have docked up but I wanted to assist my brothers in warding off the invaders. I engaged and managed to kill one 'Geddon while losing my ship just before the second one went down.

I am sure I will hear about losing two ships in the engagement but I was determined to assist in repelling the invasion. At that point I was down to just a Guardian left and decided to stay docked due to them attempting to catch stragglers a few jumps away. This was one hell of a fight and it was pretty epic in my opinion. Hopefully they think twice about attacking us again, which would allow me to get some more ships down to the system so that I can continue to help out on roams and defending our home system.

Anyway here is the battle report for the day. You can see that there were many losses on both sides. but we did emerge victorious.

Again thanks for reading.

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